United States intends to reduce the number of aircraft carriers

United States intends to reduce the number of aircraft carriers
Secretary of U.S. Department of Defense announced the future reduction of armed forces. Instead of 11 aircraft carriers to remain in the ranks 8 or 9, the reduction undergo Marine Corps and about 10 thousand people will be dismissed from the U.S. Navy.
Details leads Defense News. It is reported that the final decision has been made yet, but has long voiced intentions Ministry of Defence to hold massive cuts obtained a new proof.
Carriers Dwight Eisenhower, George Bush, Harry Truman and Abraham Lincoln at Naval Base Norfolk, Va., in December. USS Harry S. Truman aircraft carrier as well as George Washington and John Stennis, are possible candidates for decommissioning, if implemented significant reduction in Pentagon funds
In turn, a reduction misses one cruiser, three or four destroyers, and about 7 Squadron.
The organizational structure of the Air Force in the United States implies that one squadron consists of about 20 aircraft, and three squadrons voedinyzhdy connected into a larger wing.
Just more than 50 Air Force wings only in the active parts, because these cuts are not so significant as planned reduction in the number of aircraft carriers.
For disk imaging Defense News, Aviation reduction (both Air Force and U.S. Navy) associated with a reduced number of aircraft carriers. Meant to perform the reduction due to writing off obsolete SH-60 helicopters and fighter F/A-18.
Of aircraft carriers, maybe get rid of «George Washington» (he in 2015 in store depleted nuclear fuel), «John C. Stennis» and «Harry Truman.»
All three ships are not the most representatives of old aircraft carriers of «Nimitz» (they are introduced to the fleet in the 1990s), but the last of this type of aircraft carriers were modernized with the substitution of nuclear fuel.

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