USA vs Iran: diplomacy or other means?

Statements by senior representatives of Washington give rise to speculation: whether the United States will strike a blow to Iran. The fact that the U.S. is ready for all options in the event of subsequent denials from Tehran to comply with UN read recently vice president United States So Cheney.
According to the views of former U.S. Ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton, Tehran should not underestimate the willingness of Washington to solve the Iranian crisis:
"I think if the Iranian authorities really usvoyut how seriously U.S. considering the use of military force, it may serve as a prerequisite for the configuration of their position. But if Tehran does not think to change his position, then, of course, the military option on the part of United States can not be excluded. "
Hinting at the possibility of military action, Washington emphasizes the seriousness of the nuclear crisis. But, according to the views of many analysts, the purpose of such actions — not only put additional pressure on Iran. Immediately Washington wants to reassure its own European allies to strengthen diplomatic measures to force Iran to give up.
Earlier, Britain, France and Germany — the three countries that support Iran scale commercial matters — offered Tehran to end its uranium enrichment in exchange for a series of trade and other preferences. Washington from its allies wish tsvyardeyshyh measures: termination of trade relations with Iran, and then if he will not meet the requirements of the UN.
Tomas Valasek, an expert based in London, the Centre for European Reform, varies in the ability to overcome significant differences in the positions of Washington and EU states against Iraq.
"There is a boundary to which Europe can go, twisting a nut, and this limit is very, very far from where is currently Washington — says Valasek. — Not counting the number of targeted narrow sanctions arising from the UN Security Council resolution, I really see no place for the upcoming strengthen its position. "
Meanwhile 5 permanent members of the UN Security Council and Germany are preparing a draft resolution on Iran’s latest. Project, namely, anticipates the restriction on trips abroad Iranian government officials responsible for implementing the nuclear applets.

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