Utility bills have risen more than promised Lukashenko

Belarusians got back the week so called utility bills for January. Compared with the previous month, the amount increased by more than 10 bucks. Economist says, the last head of the city department of housing and communal services of Ivan Antashkevich.
Antashkevich: "I have a difference of rent 27 thousand. This is more than 10 bucks. Clearly, authorities not fulfill promises — given the overall financial situation in the country, which was compounded by 5 billion dollars compared with 2006th. This is approximately 40 percent of the country’s budget. And then, what’s happening at the moment with utility services, then a month, they rose more than was promised for the year. "
The average growth of housing and communal services in January compared with December, up 12 percent. Electricity increased by 20%, gas — 20, heating tariffs increased by 14 and a half percent. Assesses the situation economist Leonid Zlotnikov:
Zlotnikau: "But I think it’s not the last price hike this year. When the head of the country read about increase by 5 bucks a year, and in January already incremented by 5 — 6 bucks, then it means, limit that all elected. Already This year rates can not be increased. All full-year limit has been selected. And every month, we will pay, in January. "
Reporter: "Do you believe that there will be a second increase?"
Zlotnikau: "But I do not believe this. Life in this will be languid, and for the government, and for the budget. "
Not expressed optimism and economist Ivan Antashkevich:
Antashkevich: "I predict the summer superkatastrafichnuyu situation. A country may reach that summer will begin agulnafinansavyya crashes when troubled general financial situation in banks may occur violations of monetary relations, and then we’ll go to the probability of default."

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