V. Bobkov: Intonation, in fact, — the card culture

— It so happened that in soon I travel a lot in Warsaw, Lublin, Vilnius, Warsaw and Vilnius again …
New town — no matter how many times they do not inquire — every time turn the other side. Because left many memories and new discoveries.
City need to go. Feel full of his presence. Supastsi with him. Start cutting path. Goner, zbochvayuchy on the streets …
Do not really like navedyvats as a tourist museum. Prefer town living. Moved. Floating side. Directs or not directing attention to you. Has its own odor. And their sound.
With the latter — a special history.
Having lived in Warsaw, Lublin pagastsyavavshy, came to an abrupt conclusion.
The whole thing — intonations.
Our difference lies in this, too.
There are virtually absent in the ordinary tone of irritation.
They say there is no voice so to speak, askance. And do not draw you in your own field and azloblenastsi discontent, creating a place within, unsafe for health.
Of habit expecting screaming — and meet a smirk.
Intonation on Actually, — business card culture.
We all know the example, when from the 1st only the voices has been fourteen years of hunting to escape into the woods.
But it’s not his voice. Voice — as the voice.
Business — intonation.

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