V.Dolgolev: Our homeland start against Belarus information war

"All these information flows mud rigged numbers, attracted" by the ears "arguments focused on the creation and consolidation in the minds of the Russian people ideas about" the Belarusian boarder " who live at the expense of the Russian Federation ", — said salting. By him, there is a coordinated approach to federal channels lighting Belarusian-Russian relations, "complete silence in the life of a Union country suddenly changed estimates" friendship prices. "
"Fascinating in the sleeve is trump ace media — some fabulous results" public opinion poll of Russians ", allegedly reflecting the attitude of the population of the Russian Federation to Belarus", — said Vasily Dolgolev. Belarusian salting said that "these insinuations not only hurt the feelings of the peoples of 2-states, and do harm to bilateral relations."
It will be recalled that the media quoted information surveys that were conducted by leading Russian sociological centers — Levada Center, the Fund "Public opinion" and the All-Russian Research Center public opinion.

According to a January poll was (All-Russian Research Center public opinion), 71% of Russians believed that the position taken control of in the Belarusian-Russian conflict in the interests of their country, 45% blamed the conflict on Belarusian side and 10% — on the Russian authorities.
According to a January poll by "Public opinion", 67% of respondents felt justified increase gas prices for Belarus, 12% opposed it.
According to the Levada Center, supported by the increase gas prices Belarus 52% of Russians have condemned the measure least a quarter of respondents.
If in 2003 the polls Levada said positive attitude towards Belarus 90% of respondents in January 2007 — 73%.

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