V.Orlov: advise the girls read Belarusian, feel confident when

The first teacher of the Belarusian language writer Vladimir Orlov was his grandmother Avginya, and he began to read Belarusian student years under the influence of other Gennady Kulazhenko. Then, the writer admits, the first time he has overcome the mental barrier and spoke Belarusian.
Orlov: "I advise the girls read Belarusian, if they feel very confident when they are in a tone that is called. I advise to overcome this barrier anywhere on the market. If you remove 100 bucks and prytsenvaetsesya to any product, then you are even beginning to speak Belarusian Azerbaijanis.
In general, I’m going to offer listeners Lida specifically with of a day or begin to overcome this barrier, start read in Belarusian with friends, acquaintances, parents. Let the first one day a week, one week later this month. A time will come, and I hope that some of our current students as we time, speak in Belarusian always. "
Incidentally, Vladimir Orlov with Andrey Hodanovich, Barscheuski and Vladimir Kolosov Lida conduct meetings with young people on the occasion of days of the native language.
Mieczyslaw Mushroom remembers how hard it was to lead first session of the Supreme Soviet of the 12th convocation of the Belarusian. He dared do it to elect the chairman of the parliament.
Mushroom: "I asked the secretariat of their employees, so they did not hesitate and correct me if they see the error. First time I spoke in public in Belarusian in Vitebsk, when he met with activists already as chairman Supreme Council.
I was very shameful and very hard, but I overcame myself, despite the fact that, as I later realized I was very many mistakes. But nobody laughed, not mocked. And then I began to conduct all meetings of the Belarusian — and the Presidium, and the Supreme Council, and talk. "
Chairman of the Belarusian Language Society Oleg Trusov optimistic about the situation with the Belarusian language.
Pant "The most important thing, that young people at the moment realize what is whiteRussian language. This is not the Russian people. And because all the screaming and crying that the language is dying … She dies in the minds of only those who weep. I always say: "Do not weep, do you 20 hours a day to speak Belarusian."
Anyone who constantly says Belarusian, — for him living language. Noteworthy that already half of all young people choose the tests Byelorussian, Although trained in Belarusian with 20 percent redundant. A selects 47-52 percent. "

According to the latest census, about 75 percent of the 10 million people of Belarus believes native Belarusian language. Despite this, the Belarusian language is practically excluded from her office i practically they say municipal bureaucrats. In most universities teach in Russian, once a year locked schools with Russian training, liquidated State Humanities Lyceum Kolosovsky. Bolshastsi language channels — Russian.

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