V. Vyachorka refutes the statements of the Ambassador of Belarus in the United States Khvostov

Tails: "I do not like some approaches that are expressed by representatives of the opposition parties in Vashyngone they incline to a certain pressure America peremptory structure Belarus and even calling for a ban on bilateral trade."
Favourite BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka denied expression Misha Khvostova:
Vecherko: "In 1-x, sire Tails was not present during our discussions or conferences, and therefore the question arises, where he generally can judge what we were doing. And in-2, he says, a deliberate untruth. Our position is that economic sanctions against Belarus inefficient, silly, and may even be harmful. But certain individual sanctions against the regime of control, the people responsible for the repression, just acting and highly moral. "
Vintsuk Vyachorka believes that in today’s criteria Belarusian management has to take steps towards democracy, release of political prisoners, to democratize the electoral code, then they can count on the support United States. Just it was discussed during the meetings in Washington — said the emperor Vyachorka.
Summarizing the results of the preparatory trip to Washington, Vyachorka said:
Vecherko: "It was the first visit of the favorites of the Belarusian democratic forces in the U.S. This year. Very fundamentally was to answer the questions of American politicians, diplomats, professionals, as we see it today for your financial, political and social situation in Belarus. Principle was that we have established the policy of the United States that is based on moral values, such as democracy, freedom, respect for Human Rights and undeniable support Belarusian independence. In addition thought I sounded: that the U.S. right for an act of democracy took a positive example program of assistance to Belarus in the case of democratic reforms, was enthusiastically embraced. "
Now the delegation of Belarusian opposition will manage to meet with potential campaign of presidential candidate U.S. Senator John McCain, the highest State Department bureaucrats.
Now, students can ask questions of Liberty Emperor Vecherko also another favorite of the Belarusian opposition which are in Washington. Live Freedom for you to answer as chairman of the United Civil Party Anatoly Lebedko, first secretary of the Communist Party Sergei Kalyakin, wife of political prisoner Ira Kozulin and Chairman of the Working Group of the Assembly of NGOs Sergei Mackiewicz.
Live stream from the American capital — Friday, March 2, and 18:30.
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