Vaclav Stankevich Isolation drives Belarus angle

"Belarus — adjacent government and it lives own life. I think, that attitude to Belarus and to the management of this country must well thought out, "- said Algirdas Brazauskas, a favorite of the ruling Social Democratic Party of Lithuania, in an interview with radio station Ziniu radijas." With Belarus Lithuania has a huge amount of economic relations, the mass of interest, including energy, because things need to be adjusted very deliberately. Belarus does not need to be isolated, as well as the government — a neighbor of the European Union, and the European public must have a clear example program for Belarus ", — said Algirdas Brazauskas.
Chairman of the Parliamentary Committee of the Lithuanian Parliament on NATO Vaclav Stankevich supports the statement of the sovereign Brazauskas and found it very topical.
"Belarus is currently at a crossroads. I mean business with key ally Russia. We must, as can be, and often actively speak Belarusian topic and not only with the EU, and with Belarus. I think as a neighboring country, Lithuania should, and could lend a helping hand and under no circumstances is not isolated. Isolation drives Belarus into a corner and Belarusian authorities has no other abilities as to make contact with countries such as Syria, Iran, North Korea and so on. Even better would be for Lithuania to the European Union, that Belarus had better contacts with the countries of our continent, to our surroundings. We should read not only the economic and cultural themes that didaxis before a day or also try to find a common sight in the political arena. "
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