Valentin Taras: I believe that literature may be able to make a flame spark of conscience of the human soul

Question at first glance quite normal, and the answer would seem to lie at hand, since there is a specific list of what every ordinary person will say to you that he believes in it. Nobody will say that he believed in something nasty, ugly, inhuman. All they say that they believe in goodness, in justice, in God, in love, in friendship, etc. I — is no exception, and I immediately came to mind these stereotypes. But if a little to think, it seems necessary to emphasize that you can believe in what you are not just the highest concept, but something specific to the existence of which you satisfied. Say love.
I believe in love, as it were, and I have. My wife and I played three marriage — in distant youth everyday, after 25 years of silver and Three years reverse golden. Were in our lives, well, now run over the clouds from time to time there are strife, but never, it has not been boring, tsyagamotna. As stated in the Polish proverb: "With ukohana divchyna minute and age, and with a minute and obtsym chlovekem vekem." Loosely translating, changing "lady" to "lady", "From the beloved lady and eyelids flies moment, and with hateful man and minute stretches age."
And there was I really fraternal friendship, and although almost all of the coming of my friends have passed away, and now they are helping me to live as those who remained.
This is my answer.
There are profound and more than. For example, the majestic Russian classic Leo Tolstoy wrote a philosophical treatise "What I Believe," and written in this treatise was the confession of the millions of people who dubbed hoodies. We in Belarus, by the way, in a young Tolstoyan years was Yanka Bryl, well before the end of own life almost all remained Tolstoyan, especially in matters of morality and ethics. And for me, Ivan Antonovich, as for so many, was one of those people, which try to determine their actual orientation.
In addition to that said above I can tell, I believe in the fact that believed in Bryl: in human dignity and conscience, who live in every person — let yourself in for a great majority of people are only small sparks in the twilight of their souls, the maimed inhuman criteria totalitarian state.
Always believed, and I believe that literature can not give a completely extinguish this spark, able to make their flame. Let it nesusvetno hard.
Valentin Taras — one of the oldest Belarusian writers, created about 2-10-s books of poetry, prose, essays and memoirs, vice-chairman of the Belarusian PEN Center.

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