Veshnjakov: Referendum on Constitutional Act may occur in 2007 — 2008

Veshnyakov explained that the possibility of making a referendum in Russia Constitutional Act Union countries provides international contract of — contract "On the development Union countries Belarus and the Russian Federation. "In this case, the initiative of holding a plebiscite should come from the chambers of the Federal Assembly of the Russian Federation and the Russian president announces referendum.
It should be noted that at the end 2006 Chairman of the Russian Central Election Commission expressed doubts that the referendum on the Constitution Act, may be conducted in 2007. "I do not see harsh prerequisites to ensure that the conditions are ripe for the unification of the referendum and the initiative could be implemented next year"- Read Veshnyakov exactly 2 months back.
According to the Russian Constitutional referendum law this event can not be held last year opportunities president or the State Duma. Duma elections should upcoming December 2 this year, in other words less than a year.
But with an explanation, which he had now Veshnyakov, it follows that on referendums, the possibility of which arises from international treaties of the Russian Federation, this rule does not apply.

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