Vicky Frost fate discussed in Milan

In the current debate in Milan assumed the role of from a wide range of Italian public — lawyers, institute teachers, psychologists, journalists, family, which until This time once a year perceived at home Belarusian orphans.
They all agree: the dramatic story of Vicki Frost, which tell the creators of the latest books, not a single, basic question on this day is the subsequent "What is needed do to these unfortunate orphans did not appear to continue to cause for interstate discord? "
During the celebration of the representatives of Italian families have expressed concern Belarusian orphans as a result of the authorities’ decision will not come again — now for the Easter holidays.
"We’re a few months a lot of talk about the Belarusian girlfriend, but really it never did — said president of the association" Friends of Kids "Marco Countess. — The current debate we wish to draw attention to rights violationsBelarusian orphans and live in a family. "
Meanwhile Genoa Tribunal for juvenile cases acquired from the Belarusian embassy in Rome order — a study of Italian readings Vicky Frost — responded with the words "It’s worth the attention." It is reported by Italian Primocanale.
Previously reported that the allegations of the Belarusian girls about violence against her homeland she did Tipo tips for family Giusto — Bornachin to stay in them in Italy.

Cover the book "Mary and kids contention. Case in Cogoleto"

Chap. also: Fate Vicki Frost will be the subject of public debate in Italy Belarusian adults promised Vick Frost returned to Italy and Giusto Bornachin — 150th in line to adopt baby

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