Village Putryshki: According prices we are Europeans, and in salaries …

Lady: "It is clear that I feel, and why not? Seems that there may be, but we are here Europe — and you’ll have to the Urals. And there, after Urals went Our homeland. And we — Belarus, Ukraine — occupy half Europe. "
Woman: "I do not know, it must know the head. On this question we will not respond, you can? "
Woman: "It is clear that there is. Unrealistic here feel themselves European — just because of our way of life, because of our everyday routine. The town can still be emotions European — there is life closer to civilization. And in the village many do not have the usual criteria for life. Even here, we have to work, cold, chilly. How can you feel yourself a European … "
Man: "Yes, I feel. Here is my homeland, I was born here, but first I consider myself a Belarusian, like your own land ".
Young Man: "Feel European at least, because I can go to Poland, to dress like Europeans, and look for trends in fashion. "
Man: "First I consider myself a Belarusian people and live normally. The only thing — in Belarusian not know how to read, because he studied in Russian schools. "
Man: "I would not say that we have a European life. Wage small, and prices — European. At the prices we are Europeans, but still far in earnings are not Europeans. Yes we have, in general, still a lot of problems."
Man: "In Europe, of course, the highest wages, but there are other and prices. Or take America — there is a loaf of bread almost two bucks, but the highest wages. And our prices are ahead of our earnings. There are, of course, and we have those who earn, but try to get a place. "
Men: "I was not in Europe, so I do not know … I’ve never been and do not know, there for Europe. "
Old man: "Who knows. Nowhere amiss not leave the house, and so — feel normal. "

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