Vintses wise in Night of Freedom — myself and home Album

Karatkevich "Vintses, welcome."
The wise: "Good evening, Olga."
Karatkevich: "I will not list all known people who came to congratulate you and to say a word about your book, but ask about the locksmith, who slipped on the stage of the Palace of Art and tried to speak … And later, as they say some guests sat down together with you and read something. What did he read? "
Wonder: "Well, so. Practically while celebrating the presidium broke man, so to speak, from the people and sat next to me. He said he was fitter 1st plants of Minsk, not the first year listening our radio, Well, come specially to the presentation to get a book from the creator. I signed him a book and asked to sit in the hall. He said: I understand, and left the scene. "
Karatkevich: "Nothing he’s not such an unusual read — any suggestions, updates to the book?"
The wise: "He said that he was intrigued by this radio broadcast transmission" Summer album ", and that he desired to receive from the creator of the book."
Karatkevich: "And you just signed him," Vintses wise ", or something special?"
The wise: "No, I told him he wished not only to work in the factory, and for the benefit and glory of our fatherland."
"Let me forgive Cuban political prisoners …"
Karatkevich "Eleventh book series" Library of Liberty. XXI Century "," Album of the home "- it radyeese provinces Mudrova that sounded on our waves in the past year. We have one student was indignant that the cover is placed Fidel Castro and Yuri Gagarin, as regards content, the next listener indignant that we talk about "family cowards", and one listener even asked what actually it is. told how selection works took place? "
The wise: "I specifically dealt selection works, I’m just walking, asked in their own friends and acquaintances about the time and read — that you reflected in the memory of your youth, your youth? Every something called, I wrote and later wrote these notes. Certain themes, naturally, I invented myself, and that’s how this was born "Album of the home."
Karatkevich: "How did the idea of this picture — Fidel Castro, along with Yuri Gagarin? Tell the story of his."
The wise: "This image — I do not know where — to find Alexander Makovik editor books. Gagarin and Castro can be called significant figures of the era. Unfortunately, Yuri Gagarin died in April 1968, and the famous Comandante, though unhealthy, but alive, and I pardon the Cuban political prisoners, just asked God that he held up to our presentation … And put a picture on the cover, one might say, a famous man, and still alive. "
"I do not think Minsk — is the navel of the world"
Karatkevich: "I will not stay on in the address book compliments, but better ask to comment on critical expression. Here, for example, the writer Adam Globe said that a home in this book is nothing. Want to come into the family, and see Gagarin. How do you explain to the title? "
Wonder: "Well," album home "should not be taken so that this album specifically about my family» w. Know, here expanse larger. Maybe you could call something differently, but" Album home "- it seemed to us that this is the title of the spirit of the fact that the book is written."
Karatkevich: "Another critic, Alexander Tomatoes, did not believe that the first record might seem Vawkavysk and not in Minsk. How do you feel about a certain provincialism threw regarding this book?"
Wonder: "Well, I do not think Minsk — the navel of the world, time, I remember coming in from Minsk Navapolack getting young jeans. It was the middle of the 1970s, when we worked there and Polish builders brought this shortcoming. Later, the samizdat press was also born in the early 1970s. Novopolotsk, and here was established reissue things like dictionary Lastovsky, "History Krivsk books", and in 1986 the first Belarusian schools were opened in Minsk, so in Novopolotsk. So I can not assume the same Navapolack some provinces and himself — as a kind of figure that emerged from a provincial quagmire, that somehow noted in Minsk — the town, which in its Time was once a frontier fortress Principality of Polotsk ".
Karatkevich: "Well, I do not know whether there was an A.Pamidorav you directly, or just selected material — for you succeeded him in the Minsk bureau say something? Though the Alexander also created our …"
Wisely: "We talked a little, but you know, Olga, there was not the writing, that it was possible some suras» eznuyu conversation carry on."
If you write an encyclopedia of Russian life, the two hundred pages is not enough
Karatkevich: "Tell me, Vintses that icon or essay from the book was the most fun to you?"
Wonder: "Well, my friend Vyacheslav Rakytskyy referred best icon icon on temples, so he said that specifically temples more consistent with the spirit and content poststalinskay era."
Karatkevich "Vintses, I’ve read that one listener asked what cowards family — so explain to what the churches, because a certain part of the audience, can not remember …"
Mudrov "temples — it was such military officers shoes. Officers left the army, and later wore them can 20 years, retirees. Well briefs family — these are special cut satin panties, they were all a size 1, and their always frays gum that held them, they are constantly falling. "
Karatkevich: "What do you want to say about what went and was not included in the book?"
The wise: "You know, if you write a encyclopedia of Russian life, then I think there tyscha positions, and maybe more need. Maybe I will not list, but there are very many things who wishedaxis to behold. But I would say that was previously defined such a small format book, a little more than 200 pages, so it was more convenient to use, if I may use that word. In particular, that it was possible to put in the pocket and read from back to front, front back, section by section, and we think that such approaches particularly in publishing and can attract the reader. "
"From savechchyny fact it is time released"
Karatkevich: "Today, at the presentation of the director of the Belarusian service of Radio Liberty said Alexander Lukashuk that Vintses Mudrov destroyed the USSR. What is the most terrible and the most fun was in the Russian alliance? "
Mudrov "The worst — it was the lack of freedom of the individual. Well, the funny thing is obvious — it’s performances of late" dear "Leonid Brezhnev."
Karatkevich: "At this point in Estonia Parliament adopted a resolution on the demolition of the bronze monument Russian fighter. President vetoed the law. How do you feel about this farewell to the Russian past?"
The wise: "You know, from savechchyny fact it is time released, all these Lenin, Kalinin, Dzerzhinsky, and that before that spoil the landscape of our cities should be moved somewhere and concentrated in specific parks. As for monuments dead, is not everything is so exactly. Myself monument of Russian soldiers in Tallinn. As I understand, this monument is not destroyed, as the Russian television, but simply transferred to a military cemetery. I think the Estonian government can not go by the Russian Communists, who after the occupation Estonia in 1940 completely destroyed the monuments and military cemeteries of the Estonian soldier who died in the struggle for a free Estonia in 1918 — 1920. I will say, by the way, this fact official Russian media never mentioned. "
Karatkevich: "By the way, this is called warriors Russian media Russian warriors."
Wonder: "So, it was a Russian soldier, and even more precisely — Estonian soldier division, though it if you believe the version tha
t came later, and later of the Russian army dezertavav."
Creativity and journalism does not contradict each other
Karatkevich: "It is clear that you are running a correspondent of Radio Liberty, your surveys, including" Radio Liberty ", a very worthy of attention. Why what helps if what hinders? I mean art and journalism."
The wise: "You know, a writer for food often engaged in journalism, and many of the writers of the latest looks down and refer to it in the best case chore. But I would not oppose these things. Least so which can be be znaychnay figure in journalism and a complete zero in a lovely script. That’s me, to be honest, always interested in the work of journalists svabodavskih — Radkevych Lena, Lena Tikhanovich third call will not, it is easy to guess. This is our Belarusian Zhenevevy taboo. "
The wise: "You see, I’ve already written here and more than 20 works everyday, if we assume that each I every year I will print one product in" Dzeyaslove "where I usually print, I do this for 20 years, I I think that something else to write, perhaps, very. "
Karatkevich: "One of the most fascinating in your biography — that’s what you studied Albanian language and culture. What is there to do with Belarus?"
The wise: "There is, incidentally, a lot of words — for example," Breguet "(save)," cherry ", but this, of course, borrowing from Slavic languages. But the language, I would say is rather difficult, and such suguchnastsyav with our Belarusian there are few. "
Karatkevich "Vintses where you can take your book" Album home "?"
The wise: "I even to this question exactly and I can not …"
Karatkevich: "And I say — please call 266 39 52, place your orders on our answering machine and we will."
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