Vox Populi: as necessary to honor the victims of Stalinist repression?

Youth"Keep in mind the story is worth and you need to put a monument to the people repressed. But the main thing — you need to bother, that it will not happen again."
Man: "I think that 70 years of repression should be noted, that this event remains in our memory. Very many people came under repression, and in almost all families remember this, in any way or someone else hurt. My wish — it is better to put the monument, while in Minsk. "
Man: "It is imperative to note that date, and it is better to put a monument in the same Kurapaty. Why find something else? "
Old man: "It is better to put a monument, for example, in Kurapaty and everything."
Old man, an invalid, "Better, surely, to carry out some activities for youth to know about it. Though I know from the literature, then what was happening in the country. So at the moment I read Grossman’s book. A young, of course, nothing do not know about. "
Old lady: "Naturally, it is necessary to mark the anniversary, because people have suffered for nothing. And their descendants now live, and they remember what happened then."
Man: "Of course, you need to remember about the repression, and also should build a monument in Kurapaty. History is history."
Old man: "Time is different … And for what means to put a monument? Maybe worth it, and maybe … I do not know, because it is a political issue."
Old man: "You see, the monument — it’s not bad, but it will be a huge expense. Though people may go forward, to make such a monument."
His companion: "I support him, he rightly says. These were our citizens, we need to know them all and keep in mind. Clear that the war will not end until all those who died, not buried, and also with the repressed."
Youth"You have to these people worship, it is better to put monuments only power was to agree. "
Old man: "Such things should always be kept in mind. It was horrible: crushed, crushed innocent people very many affected. "
Old man: "My uncle was the chairman of the village council, but all the same it was repressed. Most perfect monument — is to make a normal life for those living now. A stir the past does not make sense, it does nothing. Now here I need to think, to make such a system for people to live freely. "
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