Vox Populi: We — the Europeans, but the EU does not have a case


Lady: "Of course. All the characteristics we meet. And clean, and culture — all over. "
Schoolboy: "Yes, we are Europeans. Because Europe comes to the Ural Mountains. Moscow is considered Europe. We — Europe. Ukraine — Europe."
Lady: "Europeans? No ".
Reporter: "Why?"
Lady: "Since I live in Belarus. Very far we still have to Europe. Fanipol — a small town."
Man: "We are Europeans, but the European Union do not have any work."
Schoolboy: "Their other laws. They are one Union, and we have another currency. And we ourselves others — language and everything else . "
Lady: "I was not in Europe. On TV watching one thing and Actually completely different. Because we very hard compare ".
Man: "And who knows who we are? If you look on a map, then we live in Europe. And what’s the point? Everything there outdated, we are adopting. We wish for them to walk, but we were too far away to them. "
Lady: "We are better Europeans. Since we have a policy for the people. We like Belarus and we patriots own republic."
Lady: "No. I would not say so. Why? We live in poverty. I think people in Europe live rich, everything is better than we are. And I would not say that we have a democracy, freedom of speech."
Lady: "I clean the Belarusian people. To me Europe is still far away. And I like our Belarus. Especially Fanipol."
Man: "Fanipol same is in Belarus, in Europe."
Man: "We live in Europe. Maybe not such a culture, and yet, as the Europeans, can not per se and wages, but all the same we — Europeans. "
Lady: "Fanipaltsy — no."
Lady: "We have nothing. Children have nowhere to go. No ordinary children’s cafe, no theme park. So here pustapasam and stroll."
Lady: "We have not even yet reached the level of the district town. Because — what we encroach on the European level? Fanipol We have very boring to live."
Lady: "Naturally, we do not live as Europeans. But we should not forget that we mind the other."

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