Vox Populi: What to expect ladies March 8?

Man: "Well, you can at least send a card to congratulate on the phone — and it would be nice. But it is better to ask the ladies what they wish."
Lady: "By my views, All ladies wishing to receive a gift of flowers that still more? "
Woman: "By March 8 the desired color, well, you can add a gift. Last year I was given a phone and flowers — was very nice! "
Young Man: "Of course, ladies, you must first give flowers. And yet — care. This is the most important thing."
Lady: "Gift certainly be a surprise. But pleasant surprise! Here is my husband recently agreed prazdnichka throw old and totally out carpet, hanging on our wall. I did not like it very much, and his spouse in the end solemnly threw, and I it is very pleased. "
Woman: "To be worth on the fact that next guy — well, if there is such, of whom at least what kind of gift would be nice! And what I wish? I’ve what I want, here and not just retell. Cosmetics, for example, different things like that. "
Young Man: "Do not determine yet — do not know what to bestow. Certainly, flower mother."
The fact that many of the guys have not yet "determine", and saw in the Vitebsk department: Department of vendor gifts noted that most of the buyers while comes into the store except for "exigency" — to congratulate fellow women in the pre-working days are.
Merchant: "They came to take packed cups here are 7 300 thousand rubles. 5 pieces take — of course, the company took. In other departments also took — in parfumernym most. Toys also gain — their young children acquire their virgins. "
Huge hype has not seen in Vitebsk and flower stalls, although they are in the center of town, opposite the amphitheater. And Valentine vendor with almost 20 years of experience as a chance to share their experiences and impressions.
"At the moment, more love springtime flowers. Those mimosa that smell spring freshness. They are much in demand than the obvious roses, which are all used, although the rose is considered the queen of flowers "- says Valentina.
But unless roses, with not a lot of favorite colors of black, entrepreneurs are able to buy in Vitebsk nurseries. Other flowers are brought from abroad, and they fall in Vitebsk not directly, but through the Minsk Group. Because, according to Valentina, even the most moderate festive bouquets will cost more than 20 thousand rubles.
"Cheaper is not coming out. If purchasing a product — it is after all, transportation, and bulkhead — says Valentine. — We’re entrepreneurs, and we no deduct expenses because our government debit zelenhoza. Since March 8, not a lot of fun — just to cover the costs and so onyear was — to conduct trade quietly. But our men still while asleep like bears in the den! But we still expect that tomorrow the sun will look out and they will wake up and come running! They should mention that there is March 8 — the only such prazdnichek to give. "
And ladies, as set survey on the streets of Vitebsk, indeed expect, that they gave to this prazdnichek flowers.

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