Vyacheslav Rakytskyy: Mazynsky way affiliated with the Belarusian drama

Rakytskyy: "Valera — moderate people. He set own performance. Even if he did not put anything else, apart from staging" Simon’s music "Kolas on stage Kolas already that he had remained in the history of Belarusian theater. It was a performance that I believe the prototype state poetic theater.
In general, the hallmark Mazynskogo-director has his bias of the Belarusian drama. Thanks Mazynskomu we can talk about the majestic writer Vladimir Karatkevich as exciting playwright. Metaphorically, monumental performances "Vitebsk Bells" and "Custom Kalinowski" also became a landmark for theater Kolas, and generally for Belarusian scene.
In the desire to develop a national drama, to discover new names, Mazynsky often deliberately sacrificed himself as a director. More bezproigryshno would deliver world classics or any waste on the Russian stage of the modern playwright shlyagerny than local newcomer. And he made them "Free Stage" Belarusian put until it is eaten together with some power creators.
Neuzh Belarusian theater itself is secured by a professional and experienced directors that there is now no room for Mazynskogo? "

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