Vyachorka — Sanctions and U.S. delegation met the democratic forces in Washington

"Sanctions — certificate of alternate, independent of the conditions the U.S. band"
During the visit, it became clear that the Department of treasure United States monetary sanctions imposed against six other Belarusian officials responsible for rigging last year presidential elections and dispersal of opposition rallies. So makarom, the number of officials who have come under U.S. sanctions has grown to 16. Member of the delegation Vintsuk Vyachorka said:
"We were informed about this extension yesterday responsible for European and Eurasian Affairs at the State Department emperor David Kramer. He stressed that these are individual sanctions first political temper. And they are focused on the implementation of the "Act on democracy in Belarus." So this is the testimony alternate, independent of the situation strip U.S. business to U.S. anti-democratic regime that reigns in Belarus. "
Can be expanded this list in the future? According Vyachorka, it is dependent on the U.S. side:
"I think over all it will persist if the anti-democratic situation where the general will not run any steps to run at least small democratic norms, then yes."
Invited to the U.S. appeal to the Belarusian authorities, a similar appeal Evrazzvyazu
Vyachorka said that the South American side expects from Belarusian authorities first release political prisoners, real freedom of the media, the public and the harassment of political activists and democratization of the electoral legislation, etc. According Vyachorka, then the requirements of the European Union and the United States are no different, and it is identified in the State Department.
Vintsuk Vyachorka referred expanding individual sanctions normal steps that are not targeted against Belarusian people and Belarusian statehood. However, with On the other hand, he considers that a positive example program built:
"At a meeting at the State Department, I announced a proposal to create a plan, an appeal similar to the appeal of the European Union, European Commission. It democratization than the list of requirements contained evidence would also help, willingness to provide some practical help to the economy and the Belarusian state. This proposal was met with enthusiasm" .

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