Warsaw Belarusians require assistance to release political prisoners

Transfer appeal began with the Russian Embassy in Warsaw. Russian diplomats, but did not want to meet with the creators of the document — a letter received through the fence guard.
Embassy official: "What have you got on the posters? Freedom to political prisoners?"
The Embassy of Ukraine Belarusians took first secretary at the U.S. consulate diplomacy came to him one of the deputy ambassador.
Proclamation in the South American embassy differed from others in that it contained thanks for previous support Democratic Forces Belarus.
"We urge you not to hold any negotiations with the last dictatorship in Europe, will not be released until all political prisoners are not held free elections, freedom will not be provided for activities and media political parties"- Said in the appeal.
On last week Polish Senate approved an appeal to the Belarusian authorities to immediately release Alexander Kozulin and other political prisoners — the founders shares wishing to have other countries also clicked on Minsk.
"We demand the release of all political prisoners, and primarily former candidate for president of the sovereign Kozulin, "said our radio one protesters Igor.
Participants of the rally today visited the Embassy of the Russian Federation, Ukraine, USA and Canada — every day they will pass petitions 5-6 embassies.
In pictures: the protesters at the Russian embassy (1) and Ukraine (2)

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