We do not need such freedom …

Man: "Ladies Radio Liberty! March 8 Orlov spoke about artist Peter Sergievich. His I listen to every day, and love. But This time He said nothing about the post-war years and his life Sergievich in Maysagose. These years He spent the priest near Vilnius, now more centennial Joseph Abrenskaga. Here he lived and going to ruin outstanding Vilna svetary department and with Dawn, who were forced by the Bolsheviks. Sergievich there was one with them: they are Renders redecorated Maysagoskaga church, he even made two side altars. As we see, he was not only a painter, and architect.
Second. On the Radio "Liberty" someone blurted out that people Vilenschina not write enough and cut one in conversation with "freedom." I can tell, people Vilenschina very long and listened to heed Radio Liberty and Voice of America, and so on. Only itself "Freedom", not counting Stankevich and several other people, not enough that Vilenschina say. And there are many which can be to say. I know perfectly well the situation in Belarus, Poland and Lithuania without any press and other means of information. Was around this environment. Swam the river Neman, not one, but many guys Vilija, Berezina Naliboki Forest, Rudnicki, later on Lake Baikal, etc.. Engaged in local history and could … "
Jackiewicz Alexander, Vitebsk: "Good morning, Radio Freedom, In 1-x, hunt very expensive ladies congratulate and wish you all the very best. Let each dream realized! Second, that intrigued me. Who sounded quite such a fascinating poem the Motherland. Maybe. Would you took and sent it to me, maybe I wrote the melody. I think I have from time to time and goes well. And would leave a good song. "
Lady: "My precious Radio Liberty, good evening! Now International Ladies’ day. And we, ladies Navagrudzkaya Business Association of the Blind, to this prazdnichkom not even received the award. So where is the care and respect of our government to the female sex? "
Constant listener: "Here you are, and your radio, and opposition talk about a western freedom or culture. Sorry, sorry. What is there to take possible? Public houses, the house on the house … Steal women, ladies, urging them to cohabitation. This Western culture? Throughout these armed bandits, casino, where people elect. This freedom? No there is no freedom, no democracy — nothing. Terry There rampant bandits. Each torments that can. Etc.. examples I can lead. Every day there is murder, brutality, violence against people. It’s creepy stare as you open the telly … It is deadly creepy look at it. sleep impossible. And this freedom? This western culture? If our domestic opposition they say about freedom, then let outline what they have in mind. As citizens of our country that word "freedom" behold the terrible things.
Because if you talk about the freedom, we we see, as in almost all European countries are fighting it with youth, with whom else. Wounded, killed, etc.. Stadiums that done! This is freedom? So here we do not want such freedom. Order must be, reverence. Only in this way. Desired to hold something, go, please take permission. And even rally a week, a month at least. So they are willing to go out into the street. Break, fight. We do not need such freedom. I’ve read what they have there is liberty. "
Alexander Lapitsky: "Memory of the victims of Stalin’s terror will not be perpetuated in the country as long as the president is Alexander Lukashenko. Uvekavechannya only way the victims of Stalinism — is the removal from power of the sovereign Lukashenko."
"Congratulations ladies Belarusian Radio Liberty with internationally funny day ladies and wish them good health and productive work in establishing a our country freedom and democracy, the deprivation of Lukashenka’s rule. "
Anastas Semenovich: "Good day, ladies and gentlemen, Radio Liberty, I wish to address personally to Comrade Lukashenko. If you give permission for a peaceful march and rally on March 25 under the motto" for a free and independent Belarus! "? Without your guidance lukashisty not give permission, in other words, the European Union and the United States will build you to the people of Belarus orwhat to do will not. The village is already awakened, is that much for you to believe. Now they regret that their fool. You only way — to collaborate with the European Union, in other words, to fulfill their legitimate demands and the people of Belarus. Should release political prisoners, freedom of the press to be independent, all commissions from the precinct to the Central Election Commission shall consist of 50% of the administration and 50% of Democrats to hold early elections without fraud. People of Belarus and kicking these requirements support Europe. Long live Belarus! "

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