Went to Poland — will not receive monetary assistance

At Roman and Svetlana — two bedroom apartment in a new neighborhood. Coupled with their lives 16-year-old daughter, Olga. At the kitchen table drinking coffee, Roman decomposes utility bills for January and associates it with December. Total prices rose by about 6 bucks, as promised power. But it has already happened in the first month of the new year.
Roman wife and daughter often walks for food because life encourages evaluate not only the prices for utilities.
Roman: "Look, you go to the market, and there grew citrus that kids love for vitaminak. Become more expensive pork and beef, though a bit, but canned fish rose by 100 rubles — cereals, whole milk. And this for one month."
Incidentally, the salary increase for this time did not work nor the 1st member of the family. In contrast, Roman complains that his "Grodnaselgaspraektse" where he works janitor, delay payments. Spouses wages almost completely goes for utilities.
Roman: "In life there is only take porridge and milk, a loaf of bread. Thanks to the cottages still have potatoes but some supplies."
Do pensioner Mary, two bedroom apartment. Sons adults parted, and she did not want to change the housing at least, because they are used to the area and neighbors. Ms. Maria for retirement over 40 years of experience has 320 thousand, utility gave more 120 thousand, although it has water meters. In general, read about it does not want because life itself is at the moment, she did not have.
Ms. Maria: "All is expensive, even bread and milk. If I buy for myself some vitamins, it is already on the food is not enough, I can go hungry."
In a large family of Leon and Natalia four children. Working single father, his salary estimated about 750 thousand, a small government is helping more Daria 110th tyschami month.
Couple years ago they sold the one-bedroom apartment and purchased unfinished house close to town. Decided to take credit for something to bring home to the mind, but the government refused. Why? Two year reversed, when summed gas, gas companies to sign the act claimed that their house was completed, otherwise would have to spend the winter with 4 babies without heating. I had to choose.
Host in the house Natalia. Oh, so she distributed the family budget.
Natalia: "200 thousand for gas, 60 thousand for electricity as we pump the water, home phone, phones have two children who go to school in the city. Well, that’s consider: there are about 300 thousand for expenses. Remains a little more than 400 thousand to 6 family members. "
Natalia says that not once sought help for the family to social services, to the deputy, but there are no results to This time. A reason for refusal is what happened.
Natalia: "What we were printing in the passport that testified, we traveled to Poland. And we drove tude than an outdoor party, but in order to bring home building materials, there are significantly cheaper. And their actions recorded: if a person has the means for tourist trips, and he can rest … "

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