Western media: Putin’s speech in Munich — a challenge in half resentfully

It took more than a week from the time Vladimir Putin’s speech in Munich (February 10 2007), In which he said the United States "dragged the world into the abyss of conflict", "encourage the spread of weapons of mass destruction" and "often blackmailed by their own neighbors and manipulate them" that they "overstepped its national borders in every way."
Since then expressed his surprise not only the U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice. Shocked political observers and politicians talk about the importance of new formulevak Putin: "Do not start this war, the latest cool?", "Do not pay Putin in his own speech to the Russian audience and warned such makarom change course? "- Answers to these and similar questions seek out analysts.
"Mother Russia back"
"Anxiety caused and the content of speech, and her tone," — says now Elliot Zhager article "Power and Politics: bear squeezes fist" in the newspaper "The Jerusalim Post". "After 16 years after decay Russian Union Mother Russia has returned to become stronger than ever was the time of the disappearance of the empire … Israeli sources said that the main objective of Moscow in international politics — is to maintain international society dependence on Russia.
Our homeland instrument delivers 61st country. Moscow participates in all international forums likely even has observer status in the Organization of Islamic Conference, has applied for such a status in the Arab League. "
Elliot Zhager notes in the current newspaper "The Jerusalim Post", Our homeland that interested in international conflict and crisis situations, such as the Iranian nuclear crisis applets as "the longer the crisis continues, the stronger will leverage the Russian Federation."
"The Godfather"
After Putin’s speech in Munich in front of senior politicians from America and Europe magazine "Time" wrote that "Putin showed a striking resemblance to Michael Corleone," godfather ", the embodiment of the hidden danger."
Elliot Zhager in an article in "The Jerusalim Post" notes that "allusion" Time "Michael Corleone relatively more apropos" since disagreements West and Russia is not personal, they are only in business and politics.
One of the leading American publications wrote that Putin would be "more true name is not the president, and" godfather "of the Russian Federation." The Washington Post "article" Putin Doctrine: Our homeland out of the shadows, "notes that," in fact , Putin’s speech in Munich — a signal: Our homeland out of the shadows. With large revenues from oil and gas, with his own hands is really dictatorial power and forcing both Russian and Western companies to surrender and come to terms with the seizure of their assets, Putin spoke almost with the resounding declaration of the real time training of the Russian Federation to the re-entry into the international arena " .
"Our homeland out of the shadows"
The creator explains, formerly Russian minister of foreign affairs Andrei Gromyko proudly read on, that no conflict anywhere in the world can not be solved without taking into account the positions and the interests of his country. This is perhaps the most apt definition of "superpower." Putin during performance in Munich no secret nostalgia for this power and at times "cool war", saying that while global security held "strategic potentials 2-superpowers." Putin understands, that at the moment Moscow has neither the economic nor the military, or even demographic means that, as in Russian times, to oppose the United States. Because now he says about the "coalition of the discontented," which could lead Our homeland "- writes" The Washington Post ".
Russian Bear Trap
"The Russian bear has awakened. But Our homeland is not returned to the former greatness. She was trapped difficult transition. Whilst it will continuecamping, Our homeland is finished disturb the neighbors and disappoint their own people, "writes Martin Wolf in today’s" Financial Times "article" Russian bear will ravstsi until escape from the trap. "On the browser, Russian President expressed his sentiments in Munich the latest of — call in half resentfully.
In order to show what is our homeland, created terminology reminiscent of Douglass North, doctor of economic history at the Institute of Washington in St. Louis.
Our homeland — a "society of limited access," where the elite uses the political system to create rents that are used to stabilize the political system itself. This is an image based on the balance of power between "us" and "them", which is different from the western open societies where the economy and politics are open to competition.
"Russian authorities trapped in their outdated and dysfunctional system of views on the political future. This is a disaster for Russia itself and the source of imminent concern for its neighbors."
"Our motherland can choose the path that concentrates on its own nationalist interests and grievances, but it will be a disaster for everyone. And last but not least for Russia itself," notes Martin Wolf in today’s "Financial Times".
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