What Belarusians behold the sexy?

Scientists say that the men in the process of evolution learned intuitively recognize the ability of bio ladies, for example, through hip ratio to the volume of the waist. In the rational case, they are 1 to 0.7, such as the actress Jennifer Lopez. What prerequisites sexuality ladies and guys? What properties must possess a man, that he was considered a pretty sultry?
Hardly modern Belarusian men rate the attractiveness and sexy ladies through its potential pladavitasts. At the moment, other aspects of the evaluation of sexuality ladies, says doctor seksolyag Leonid Petrovich:
— It is so personal … Appearance usually attracts a lady first — appearance. Later — speech communication. These ladies are not sexy, but often encourage discussion to all actions.
So, ladies appearance, her beauty in all times has been a major aspect of sexuality. But that’s not all, says managing theater satire and humor "Christopher" Kryzhanovsky Eugene, who was married three times:
— There are women functionary. They may not be exactly sexy. There are women-moms who are also not sexy. Sexy ladies — ladies free from the hassle of municipal, domestic, which is notwhat to do. From them, they have nowhere to go and see what there is in them, start having sex. It’s good, and bad. Excellent as there who "have" us men. A bad since they about themselves very high performance, they think that they — the queen, they are not easy to come up. This applies in particular to the "stars" stage, film. Allegedly, they are professional, sexy ladies, and Actually — ordinary women.
In peasants, surprisingly, the ladies also draws looks, says Leonid seksolyag.
— Usually looks, at first.
— They believe that man must be perfect?
— Yes, fine. And the smell, the smell should be attractive in a man. If fumes carries cigarettes — of course, it’s not like a lady.
— And the smell — refers French perfume?
— Well, smell, which must allure. And more attractive in a man purse.
Literary critic Anna Kislitsyna made completely different accents:
— First, what I would call — the mind. In-2 — talent. I always say that for me the most want a man — is Danny DeVito. Despite the fact that he karatyshka, malehankih growth — all would give, so stay close. I agree that the smell is important. Well, sure, in the last instance — appearance.
So makarom, appearance — a calling card and the ladies and men. But over time the value of the outer shell extends to the second plan, play a decisive role traits of character, not a person.

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