What to think about the likely Gomel tlushchkambinatse privatization?

Among the likely candidates for another, the second in the history-independent Belarus Gomel and privatization listed tlushchakambinat which produces mayonnaise, butter, margarine, soap and a variety of other products. The company has long zopoluchilo share friendship status, but the government has in it 100 percent of the shares.
How are workers and experts at the plant before the announced privatization of the latest?
Worker: "We are going to privatize it earlier, but government withdrew. We importantly, to combine work, so we had a job. If profitably attract investors, please, we do not mind. Necessary that jobs were saved. Combine And who will own There are no big differences. main thing we were provided with work. "
Worker: "We are currently privatizers, we have checks" property. "So what? No interest on these checks, we do not get. Not cold and not hot. Privatization until this I did not give. I think nothing will change . "
Special: "The empty word!"
Special: "Verbovanie foreign investor who is willing to invest in our pradpryemastva, we believe profitable. This will solve a number of problems not only of production, and social."
Working: "If the benefit to the enterprise is certainly to do."
Work: "The main thing that plant worked, so that was wages — that’s all. And better, so that was our director Yakimik. We were on the verge of bankruptcy. For 5 years he raised plant."
Special: "If we will be foreign investors will be better. We would have won in salaries. It’s obvious! The main thing is to invest in the modernization of production. We have acquired the shares themselves. If there is profit, and the dividends will be great."
Working: "it is necessary that the work was a measured, as previously — in three shifts."
Worker: "I am opposed to privatization. Poles experience, I have relatives there, indicates that the problems are not decreases. Overall, it’s hard to say — ugadaesh or lost. Maybe excellent private enterprise, and perhaps no worse than the state."

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