Where and how to store tools Belarusians?

According to the State Bank, 2006 th denominated cash deposits and the population increased by 41%. In currency terms — increased by 2.2 trillion rubles and amounted to nearly 8 trillion rubles. Monetary contributions amounted to more than 1 billion dollars, and count for the year by 34%. Ruble — increased by 46%.
Rakov economist Lena believes that the Belarusian-Russian oil and gas conflicts generated mistrust in the Belarusian ruble. Now depositors started to withdraw their deposits:
"Indeed, today the bulk of bank deposits — in Belarusian rubles. And at the current course have a measured 10, 12, 14% per annum — it is very a lot. After all, cash deposits yield only 6-7 percent. But completely natural that when the discount rate, when the devaluation of ruble deposits will be profitable. Because the population is very intense for all looks and many currently withdraws funds from deposits ruble, translating into bucks. Either someone just lying in banks Dollars. Accordingly, now all of them are trying to convert. "
Belarusians have begun to invest in including and precious metals. In 2006, by the National Bank, the population is almost sold a ton of gold — 32 thousand bullion. It is 4 times more than in the previous, 2005. Great demand 10-gram ingots, which sold almost 10 thousand. 1-pound ingots sold 150 (price each — 22 thousand dollars). From last year can be purchased as platinum and silver.
Why become popular precious metals? This — Misha Dernakovski psychologist:
"In this case, the increase of capital, the amount of deposits, purchase of gold can be attributed to the fact that increased wages in most social spheres. Do not know exactly how much you can read, but the relative growth there. I do not think much has changed psychology to the cluster, because she keeps the passion for accumulation on the factors of stability in those or other nationalities. It lays quite a long time, it is passed from parents to children. But when rising wages, have more available funds, then there is a simple necessity to put them somewhere. For example, getting gold in the bank. But someone as before holding it at. "
Smallest method to get rich — get spadki. Several years ago Heritage of America received 40-year-old inhabitant Smorgonschiny Constantine. However, the bank at interest their funds he did not suffer and receive gold bullion too did not. As they say villagers, random investment Konstantin blank "in the game."
"But at the moment he is playing in the extreme. Here we also zapivoh missing, then buys, for example, tele give to someone. Two or three a day or stood, came, took, others presented. Went from those collected. Understand how he just spent excess funds? Well he has, I do not know what exactly the amount, but you have come, I know, means huge. In short, plays as you can. And nowhere is not working. "

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