Why Alexander Milinkevich refused to go to the U.S.?

The delegation owed go favorite joint coalition Alexander Milinkevich, but he did not give consent. Anatoly Lebedko he explained it this way:
Lyabedzka: "The Emperor Milinkevich actually delivered an ultimatum that he would go only if the delegation will include two more people … Maybe go separately in a different configuration, but one conclusion — if two trips, it will be not the level meetings. We can, second and third delegation, read about Belarus, but significantly reduce the possibility, that this voice of Belarus was heard. I do not think it is constructive. "
According to chairman of the Party BPF Vintsuk Vyachorka, read about this visit is premature.
Political adviser Andrei Kusyalchuk Milinkevich said that at the moment negotiations, that drove Alexander Milinkevich and also because it is unclear when the visit will take place.
Kusyalchuk "Milinkevich believes that any trips at the present moment until March 25, to address cases with Congress, should not be. Milinkevich decided to focus its work only on matters of Belarus and preparing for March 25. Alexander Milinkevich will travel across regions."
By ally sovereign Milinkevich Homel activist Victor Kornienko, this very principled trip must be preceded by the coalition agreement and the inside is an urgent need to find agreement.
Korneenko "Liabedzka finds niche Milinkievich. But it seems now Milinkevich assigned to one niche — punching bag, which could deal favorites political parties, pointing to the fact that nothing is being done in the country, there is an obstacle in the face of Milinkevich. Certainly, it is not constructive. I do not believe that all coalition members seek out this agreement. "
Clarification on this point Milinkevich, we hope to get Lately

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