Why the weather at the weekend worse than in working days are?

Indeed if the weather at the weekend worse than in the days of work? Maybe it only seems as bad weather at the weekend that suddenly confuses plans remembered forever?
German scientists studied this specifically. The results are posted in special scientific journal Geophysical Research Letters.
Meteorologists Bavmer Dominique (Dominique Baumer) and Bernhard Vogel (Bernhard Vogel) in their own research work evaluated the weather data from 12 different weather stations in Germany for the period from 1991 to 1995.
It turned out that first week the sun shines an average of a quarter of an hour longer than Saturday. Moreover, at the end of the week, days of the weekend, the precipitates are 10% more often than the first of the week, days of work. And rainfall in most Saturdays and Sundays than on other days of.
According to the analysis, the highest temperature for the week is on Wednesdays — its average 0.2 degrees above the Sabbath record.
The reason — the human activities
German scientists say that the weather such makarom changes the emission of gases in Earth’s atmosphere during peak hours for tydnyav.Nyametski meteorologists Dominique Bavmer emphasizes that in nature there is no such process, which would could monitor for a long time with weekly intervals. Because this phenomenon can only be associated with human activities.
"Everything indicates that the warming in the working days are determined by such particles such as sulfates, and their allocation povinet people," — said another study author Bernhard Vogel. On working days of the result of industrial activity and traffic of such particles is more meanwhile Weekend in their number decreases because the temperature drops.
Only major city?
Higher the temperature and the lowest rainfall in the working days are compared with the output recorded all 12 weather stations whose data were taken for the study, with all this part of the station — in big cities, and some — in rural areas. So it does not matter, or it’s a big city or a small town, "is not a phenomenon of the 1st certain types of terrain, which can be could explain, for example, specific thermal emission, "- said one of the founders of the study Dominique Bavmer.
The fact that this phenomenon is not only recorded in a major city, shows how far gone the impact of human activity on the Earth’s climate configuration. Global warming as a result of human activity, is an admitted fact, and scientists have learned a sudden another side of this phenomenon.

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