Why villagers are unwilling to go to the peasants?

Man: "We have a policy on large farms, on farms — and all. And the peasants — minor people."
Man: "Initially, in other states with regard to the country’s policy of farming evolved differently. We at some time fixated on the discussion "feed peasant country or not." And many have sought to prove that not feed and probably not worth it to deal with. "
Man: "In time President said that the real farmer can only be either the last director of the farm, or kolkhoz chairman, in the latter case, the main spec. "
Lady: "If a man used to do on the farm, it is not everyone will be able to do on the farm. Therefore what you need think how best what to do, how to grow, how to sell. And make sure to have enough to live the year, and again paseyatstsa. It’s not everyone will be able. "
Man: "Prices are not satisfied with the villagers for agricultural products. Namely, milk, potatoes, grain. If you take milk price premium per tonne, it is the lowest price. Turns out that one liter of milk costs 400 rubles. Though what farmer figure that out and behold, that profitability on selgasvytvorchastsi very low. "
Man: "languid work. If the government maintained on equal criteria for agricultural enterprises and farmers, it would be many who want to go to the peasants. C On the other hand, difficult to sell products. Also need to have start-up capital. "
Lady: "Credit to the bank I can not take, because I have no collateral — no real estate."
Man: "Should the government create the conditions so that people went to the peasants. If these conditions are not made, then go boldest. Requires that the peasants went not only director and chairman, and went and the tractor."
Man: "My farm Three years. For Three years I was allocated a budget of 245 liters of fuel .. And fertilizer 6 tones, no more. I believe that every year worse and worse it becomes. In other words, the farmer, which will deal, and very very hard . "

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