Will Belarus involve multibillion investments?

According to experts, the government wide initiative zaluchennya investment caused first Russian energoelementov nedavneshnim price increase, which badly affected the competitiveness of Belarusian products.

Vasily Shlyndikov: "None are more or less conventional Western investors will not come here."

Economist Vasily Shlyndikov: "On average, all increased in price by 16 percent in some places. As I understand now normal feels Only construction materials industry and the creation of medpreparatav. And in All other very complex task. They naturally understands it must update creation, then surely need investment. "
In Borisov for several weeks are Italian spices. They work at the Pasta Factory "Borimak" — mounted equipment there. According to the administration of the enterprise, foreign technology needed to improve the properties of Borisov products. Belarusians now consume more Russian, Ukrainian and Italian pasta. Borisovskaya well as products of other Belarusian factories acquire not enough. Because of its low as consumers consider properties. To improve the properties of Borisov pasta and it was decided to perform the upgrade.
Managing service properties "Borimak" Lyudmila Baravulya "Fact, what are the best band — Italian. After pasta industry is best developed in Italy. And they sell everywhere. And in Russia are such band, and we will stand this line. Our homeland has long been re-graduated. And we are only at the moment ustanavlyaem. "
In Borisov conceal, for whose funds are being upgraded. But according to unofficial sources, their allocated Belarusian government, rather than Italian investors.

Lev Margolin: "To implement 150 projects in our economy, in our decrees, which may now and tomorrow be taken, — I do not believe. "

Vasily Shlyndikov not believe that you know the time the situation will change, "No one is more or less the usual Western investors will not come here."
But another world — economist Lev Margolin Borisov: "I do not believe in such projects because the great work to be done it to make cute 5-10 projects. But to implement 150 projects in our economy, in our laws, in our decrees that can now be taken tomorrow — do not believe it. "

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