Will the opposition to compromise for the sake of unity?

Favourite BPF offers up another congress of democratic forces in May this year. It elected Chairman of the Political Council Milinkevich. He will be number of opportunities — political council to convene, preside at its meetings, headed a delegation to international contacts and negotiations with the government to control the activities of the Bureau. Proposal for election Milinkevich, according Vyachorka must make to Congress segodnyaschy political council.
Kalyakin: "I’m not so sure that such a compromise could be found"
Favourite games PKB Sergei Kalyakin said:
Kalyakin: "That suggested Vintsuk Vyachorka, completely changes the approach that has been laid at the Congress. This should open a discussion. I welcome the fact that there are some samples in order to find a compromise. But I’m not so sure that such a compromise may be found. "
Bukhvostau: "Proposals that are currently manufactured, do not consider the situation"
According to a member of the political council, the chairman of the organizing committee of the congress Alexander Bukhvostova crisis inside the United Democratic Forces delve:
Bukhvostau: "If there is no consensus, means simply not be combined Democratic Forces. Means there will be two congresses. One will be a Congress that will connect some voedinyzhdy and second — other. I believe that the proposals are presently manufactured, do not account for the situation. Is an attempt to push back the decisions that were at the last Congress, excluding the new political realities. Now there is a block of leftist forces, which does not agree with this. "
Statement sounded sovereign Vecherko after, Alexander Milinkevich turned down the role in the planned March Congress of Democratic Forces. In his view, Congress itself will lead to separation of the opposition.
Lyabedzka: "We will consider how to use the potential of A.Milinkevich that his niche for this highlight"
According to UCP favorite Anatoly Lebedko, the statement Party chairman BPF is nothing new. This is a repeat of what exists in the ancient agreement and that open a discussion in the recent debate. Allegedly, the last act of the sovereign command Milinkevich led to the downfall of his political actions.
Lyabedzka: "We need to get rid of ultimatums, you must still negotiate. Favorite question should be taken out of the boundaries of Congress. Together with the fact, we are ready and we will consider how to use the potential Milinkevich, which he niche for this highlight. It will be harder than two weeks back, but I think, as a constructive political force, we are ready to consider it now. "
Unity no nominee
By Vintsuk Vyachorka united democratic forces must create aaplet crisis in the country and strengthening its independence. Need to convince the European Union and the United States, that financial aid should be linked to Belarus with the requirements of democratization. Also, Vintsuk Vyachorka, must force Belarusian authorities to negotiate free elections. All these tasks can be performed only when the unity of democratic forces.

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