World on the brink of war?

World on the brink of war?
Eugene Super Browser «However,» published an article «The world smells of war. Reading the title inconspicuous news week. » Creator set for myself puzzle elect of reports «real news.» According to analysts, «in place of the information at one point broke Russian newspaper editorials times the height of cool war.»

October 28 two Russian strategic bomber Tu-160 missile traveled more than 10 thousand kilometers and landed at the airport in Maiquetia Venezuela. Russian crews met Carmen Melendez, Minister of Defense of Venezuela. The flight was undertaken with the aim of maintaining peace, stability and security of the Latin American peoples and at the same time «sweat made commanders of NATO.» From the Norwegian Bodø airbase were raised F-16.

3-days of later two Tu-160 landed on the Nicaraguan land — the airfield Managua. Analyst recalls and meeting Russian Security Council Secretary Nikolai Patrushev and Nicaraguan President Daniel Ortega. The parties signed a memorandum of consultations between the supreme command of the Army of Nicaragua and the Russian Security Council, which from now on will be «implemented on a constant basis.»

Meanwhile in Russia was accomplished unexpected checks Russian nuclear deterrent. In large-scale exercises on October 30 were also involved naval forces, far aviation, military and space defense, air defense and missile defense. Scientists have confirmed the highest degree of reliability of the strategic nuclear forces and all units of combat training.

The West began to deploy the European missile defense system in Romania. October 29 Deveselu started building the American missile base.

Earlier, on October 23, met in Brussels Council «NATO — Russia» at the level of Defence Ministers. It was the first visit of Sergei Shoigu as head of Russian Defense Ministry in the NATO headquarters. One of the central issues was to discuss plans to deploy a European missile defense and NATO enlargement. And that, ultimately?

Shoigu concluded: «Working together in this area goes, the program develops uncontrollably, Russian interests are not taken into account.»

To this list we must add something.

In 1-x, markedly worsened the situation in Syria. In-2, the main role in this exacerbation impending derail peace talks in Geneva, played by Saudi Arabia, which, in turn, dissociates itself from the U.S. and the expression of a different foreign policy.

Week and a half reverse on output from Saudi Arabia orbit Washington said Prince Bandar bin Sultan. According to «Reuters», talking to some European diplomat, the prince, the worker in the position of chief of intelligence, hinted at the frustration of his homeland U.S. policy.

It turned out that the United States — not the government, which could cope with the crisis in Syria. Tsarevich not like and how whitewashed house indulges Tehran. Also sire Yankees scout recalled how in 2011 the United States did not support the suppression of anti-government uprising in Bahrain — were not in the same team with the Saudis.

Speaking with the diplomat, Prince Sultan bin, according to «Reuters», said that his government very soon «fundamentally change foreign policy» and reconsider the case with the United States.

Little earlier Riyadh noted in other media demarche: waiver of seats in the UN Security Council. Saudi Arabia believes that this Council itself thrive «double standards». The argument was given the Palestinian question, which can not be solved for decades. Riyadh also recalled that the Security Council has not suspended the war in Syria, had cleared the Middle East from weapons of mass destruction, etc., and the similar. In short, the Security Council has not done what it would be profitable to Riyadh.

November 5 was a joint conference minister of foreign affairs of Saudi Arabia prince Saud al-Faisal and U.S. Secretary of State. Head of the Saudi Ministry of Foreign Affairs said that Bashar al-Assad «should not play any role in the transition period in Syria in accordance with the arrangements of the conference» Geneva-1. » As the RIA «Novosti», in an interview with Syrian television Syrian minister disk imaging Omran al-Zubi criticized this position:

«In Geneva, to be held the political process, not a transfer of power or the formation of a transitional governing body. Anyone who thinks differently should reread Geneva communique or not to go to Geneva. «

By Al-Zubi added that the foreign policy of Saudi Arabia fail and lead her to a standstill. Foreign Minister explained to the future of Syria can only detect the Syrian people. Syria is the «cradle of civilization, and that is why it can not be given into the hands of those who are not aware of civilization, humanity, freedom and democracy.»

Channel «Hey BBC» (Australia), with reference to «AFP» and «Reuters» said Nov. 5 that the planned peace talks on Syria scheduled for later this month, probably will be under threat of failure: in fact, any party claims that he would not participate without serious concessions on the other hand.

The Syrian government says it will refuse to participate in the forum, as it can not support a meeting aimed at overthrowing President Bashar al-Assad.

Minister disk imaging Syria Omran al-Zoubi said:

«We’re not going to Geneva in order to transfer power in accordance with the wishes of al-Faisal and some zabugornyh our enemies.»

To this he added:

«President Bashar al-Assad remains head of state.»

So Makar, princes now really very dispersed with Washington. Prince Saud said about the «failure of the international community», which is not able to «stop the war against the Syrian people.»

It is clear what is meant by the «international community», as it is clear what «the Syrian people.»

Saudi prince directly called for greater international intervention in Syria. He said that the country is currently broken — like a carpet bombing. And if it is not «neglect of human values, I do not know what it is,» he said.

Then he asks the rhetorical question: «If someone will face a moral choice between» intervene «or» not to interfere «, what he elect?» He added: «Should I let this go on, or is supposed to support, if I can to do? «

Actions in Syria he called a «tragedy».

Well, just a fighter for human rights and for peace throughout the world.

It should be remembered that Saudi Arabia — the government, where there is no hint of democracy. This is the usual hotbed of Wahhabism and one of the most active and wealthy sponsors of international terrorism in the world. In addition, the monarchy associated with the U.S. contract in 1973: America protects it from enemies, in response to the Saudis pledge to strengthen the South American currency, that is to trade oil only in U.S. bucks. So has lasted for 40 years.

In today’s crisis weakened the United States, the Saudis can really try to conduct some independent policy — at the regional level. Stroll rumors that they are secret negotiations with Israel, the purpose of which — not to allow Iran to gain a foothold. Israel, Iran also is not nice, and Syria — dearer without Assad, if with Assad. Better to «Al Qaeda» than Assad — approximately the position of Tel Aviv, which Israelis lucidly explained to world society and a half months to reverse. They told the world about the difference between the bad guys and quite naughty.

In an interview with «The Jerusalem Post» salting of Israel in the U.S. Michael Oren said that the victory of the rebels (even including the militants, «Al-Qaeda»), would be a lesser evil than the preservation of the Syrian-Iranian alliance. «From the outset we were that Assad must go. Better bad men without ties with Iran than with them, «- the words quoted the diplomat» to «

Mr. Oren further stressed that the Israeli management thinks: people who can come to replace Assad, not friends of his country. «But from a strategic point of view is much more unsafe arch Tehran — Damascus — Beirut, in which the Assad regime — the cornerstone,» — explained to his position Oren.

As to the U.S., the administration of the White House has delayed the introduction of new sanctions against Iran, which is categorically not like any Jewish state or the Jewish lobby in Washington (not so long ago, Susan Rice, her assistants and Wendy Sherman of the State Department even severely reprimanded influential representatives of Jewish organizations, providing massive pressure on the Senate), nor, apparently, the Saudis-Wahhabis, for which Iran — not only government «infidels», and raw opponent.

Meanwhile, Israel has once again knocked on Syria. October 31 basis government troops, not far from Latakia, was struck airstrike: stock stored there Tipo missiles intended for «Hezbollah».

So Makar, someone is preparing to kindle the flames of war in Syria with the latest power. What saddens, but not striking: in 2011, the Saudis invested in financing and arming militants operating in Syria, as in information propaganda. The owners of the company did not want it burned. And if flying Russian Tu-160 and the doctrine of nuclear deterrence forces may be called among the rest of the usual show of force, the brutal Saudi plans, the implementation of which will be involved in other regional countries can fully come true prologue to a long and bloody war in the Middle East, before which darkened and retrace the history of the previous period of the «Arab Spring.»

Surveyed and translated Oleg Chuvakin

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