Wreath Memory Alexander Shavel

Alexander Shavel born September 14, 1949 in the village invaders Stolbtsovsky district, Minsk region in the rural family of intellectuals. After graduating from the Law Faculty of Belarusian State University was distributed in Birch. There and took all his working life.
About his own friend and colleague in BPF and the local community unregistered human rights center "Viasna" says editor of the political newsletter "Berezovsky broom" Tamara Shchepetkin:
Shchepetkin: "Behind his eyes he could not find a place in the state system, and he became a human rights lawyer. Languid All complicated cases he took on the entire human pain.
He does not just give advice, not just designed the legal documents, he walked to the courts together with thoseand who has been wronged by the system. People came to him with Ivatsevichy with Belaaziorsk from Drogichin. He was very cool lawyer, because they often won in the courts in dealing with the bureaucrats. "
Beryozovka they say about Alexander Shavel that he helped people to the last days own life, already aware of the heavy disease. Word of farewell to friends and colleague Sergei Rusetsky:
Rusetsky "master and lawyer with many years of experience, he is on my views, not fond of conflicts and sought truth reasonable and optimal Fri certain articles of laws and codes. Almost to the last it came to legal aid people.
Neighbor, which he has promoted defend workplace veterinary clinic and is struggling with his superiors that hid near ailing levkoz and animal tuberculosis, almost every day found him support, not to znyaverytstsa. Grandfather, who for a couple of years you can not even make a conflict with her sister sharing his father’s house and the land around it … He loved history, was an agnostic and did not believe in God. I do not believe that he is no longer with us. "
Alexander Shavel will be buried on February 23 Berezovsky town cemetery. He is survived by daughter Tanya, son of Jura and four grandchildren.

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