Wreath Memory: Valentine Tsyuleneva

Valentine Tsyuleneva born August 15, 1936 in Russia, on Arlovshchyne. Once in Belarus, initially worked on the construction of the Minsk Tractor Plant, and after graduating from the Institute of National Economy was a programmer and manage data center Tonkosukonnaya association.
Linguist Zmiter Savka knew my mother Valentina Tsyulenevu own best school friend Arthur Wedge, currently known Belarusian artist. He notes a large evolutionary path of its views from convinced Communist sincere fans to democratic standards is independent Belarus.
"Ethe man could — certainly under the influence of offspring under the influence of situations and events — to change their eyes, a man who could change itself, "- said Dmitry Sauko.
It does not just support and shared glances and actions son and his friends. When pressure began on the independent press, Valentine became active in the ranks of its distributors, emphasizes employee weekly "Nasha Niva"Andrei Dynko.
"If Belarus does not become Turkmenistan and Russia is not, so it is due to the fact that we had people like Valentine Tsyuleneva, because these people not were sitting, and acted. Law enforcement officers tortured her, haunted her, chased. Sometime in the transition from the train station, where she sold the independent press, there will be a monument — an old lady holding a newspaper. It will be a monument to all who wins at the moment Belarus freedom of speech ", — says Andrey Dynko.
Valentine Tsyuleneva died March 6 at one point of a heart attack. In her apartment were piles neraspavsyuzhanyh-independent publications without which unrealistically free Belarus, convinced the emperor Dynko. Because his eulogy he graduated as follows: "Others have come to the place Tsyulenevay Valentina."
Valentine Tsyuleneva now buried in the cemetery of the village prymenskae Mihanovichi. She remained scion Arthur and granddaughter Daria.

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