Ya.Maksimyuk: Opposition may lose the only trump card

The conflict in Belarusian opposition and possible reaction to Europe we asked him to comment on the analyst Radio Liberty She Maksimyuk.
Maksimyuk: "The reaction can only be negative. Currently Belarusian apazytszyya has a chance, which is not had a lot of years, due to the recent political situation between Russia and Belarus in connection with that the Belarusian President did, in As the last, verbal hints he wants improve business with the West. Belarusian opposition has one big trump card, namely that it could act as a mediator in establishing such linkages official Minsk and Brussels. I think this card may not difficult to lose specifically such showdowns that went at the moment among the Belarusian opposition, in the midst of Parliament Democratic Forces, where almost goes very ugly and nasty competition, who has to be a favorite and reprezentovat Belarusian opposition to Brussels. "

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