Yu Borisevich: Belarusian-could form the latest know

Karatkevich "In" Night Primer "sounded your works written for the Web — what a feeling, what more you need at the moment — or Interactive printed word?"
Borisevich: "The audience is different. Older people or those that are not very accustomed to working with a computer, prefer paper to computer and texts are condescending. For example, Valentin Akudovich. A youth reads from the computer. This markedly — sold fewer books, fewer magazines published, disappeared almost samizdat. According to his own way, it is a great loss for the culture, but there are such forms of power. "
Karatkevich: "How, in your opinion, contributes to whether or not the professional people in Web greater realization creators? Lee changed it contacts with people?"
Blogs are media, influential tribune
Borisevich: "Yes, especially when spread BLOGafera, better known as the Living Diary. Many writers fascinated by this, but first journalists. This is especially noticeable in the Russian sector. Some journalists speak more freely in blogs, scored a huge audience out there — a thousand, 10 matches thousand readers. This influential platform, such blogs are becoming one media. For its part folk remedies — TV, newspapers, radio stations, too have their not only the website, and create blogs. "Tatu: sure, a person lacks the innate bodies
Karatkevich "Borisevich Yuri was born in 1966 in Minsk, began writing for 13 years, first in Russian, later in Belarusian. How it happened?"
Borisevich: "That was in ’88. Case met with some founders of the community" Cleanup ". Piyanervazhatym worked in the camp, there were people working out of" Artel. "They struck me the highest level of culture and education. Then met in 1989 with the famous culturologists Ales Antipenko he, too, was then Russian, worked in the Academy, together with him began to teach whiteRussian language. Not only in the colloquial, and on the writing level. Later met Akudovich, he drew me in Belarusian-print. "
Karatkevich "Yuri Borisevich created 2-books, artistic artykalav" Body and Text "and essays Alter nemo. How do you feel about tattoos, drawing on the body of drawings, texts, signs?".
Borisevich: "I know that the Bible does not approve of such options literary creativity :) But there are other sources of our civilization — in prehistoric times every person, at least, every man was pratatuyavany, so could distinguish human from afar own tribe. It was a typical passport rights. At the moment this fashion resumed, became unpopular tattoos among young people. Certainly, a person lacks the innate bodies. Tattoos and other similar devices, such as body piercing, make the newest area of our body, our body makes more fun, catchy. At the moment, we are very similar to each other, and helps his father feel inimitable. "
Karatkevich: "Sami did not try?"
Borisevich: "In my childhood. Again in the same camp, but failed"
Karatkevich: "You — one of the participants of the festival performances. Which of your beliefs was the most catchy perfomens in Belarus and generally perfomens remember that more than impressed"
Borisevich: "It is hard to name the best. They are in different genres. But there are two poles — one closer to the play, where the creator invents a scenario takes a lot of assistants, invites journalists, thinks all. Example — Ales Pushkin. Around the world know share a day official closure opportunities Lukashenko when Ales brought to the presidential building manure wagon, strapped portrait to manure. campaign She really known, I corresponded with South American, Russian performers, they know about it. Indeed, Pushkin in his own person hitretsky: invites journalists, they More dakumentuyuts transmit on whole world. This little insured against nasty surprises. On the other hand, it is the right strategy. Pushkin life states that not enough that-then fine do need is still perfectly documented to remain in the history of art. And he manages to stay in addition to the history of politics.
Second pole — is improvisation. Surely, Victor Petrov, director of the festival "New Releases" may be the prototype. He always invents the course of action. "
Interrogations of prisoners — this strategy journalist
Karatkevich "Yuri Borisevich graduated French Minsk Linguistic Institute, worked as a translator in the production of» integral unity. Jura, at one point, you’ll know what they were during training you have had a thing — how to interrogate . What are the rules? "
Borisevich: "Well, really, there is a specialty interrogate prisoners, writing leaflets. It is very recalls profession. I then used some rules when working as a journalist. For example, pretend that you know more than your companion, so he tried to tell you myself more. Or, for example, ask questions seriously, a reasonable plan to confuse about the object». Various examples of psychological pressure … This can be used when you take an interview to ":)
Karatkevich: "You work in the journal" Optimist ". As it did for the magazine?
Borisevich: "It exists in the organization of International green cross, which was founded by Mikhail Gorbachev. Hitherto He is very popular in the West, he has many friends in the midst of world leaders. This helps take the notable materials, interviews, articles of different recognizable people. For example, in the latest issue of the Global Trade Organization Director said why deadlocked round of talks — the EU and the U.S. is willing to support their own farmers, and the "third world" is more than willing to trade.
This magazine goes on British English, but is a small circulation and in Russian. Distributed mostly by subscription. "
To be optimistic, you must have a spotless conscience
Karatkevich: "Yura, how to become an optimist?"
Borisevich: "I know that the happiest people are registered Hispanics. They eat a lot of fruit and lots of dancing. And never mind the different tasks. In every situation, seek out a pleasant side. Since we are still Europeans, for us, probably most importantly, so was clean conscience. necessary to have some standards and
Karatkevich: "How hard you currently looking for politics? She has influenced the work?"
Borisevich: "At the moment, less than previously.’s In the late ’80s, early ’90s, I also often walked on demonstrations. Later somehow tired, because it gives such a system that is difficult to move in ways that have long do not change. You must update us not that leading cadres of the opposition, and ideas. Should be new ideas. Not really them and seek out. "
Karatkevich: "In continuation of our program," What do I believe? "- What do you believe?"
Borisevich: "I believe that our people will live better than presently. Least, most of the people. Those who deserve it. A Belarusian-worthy. I believe that these people in other circumstances could form the latest know, know, because at the present time a lot of effort required to remain Russian man in my life. "

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