Yu.Sivakov apologizes V.Svyatskay

Now referee Svetlana Misuno invited to the preparatory conversation Valentine Svyatskaya and respondent’s representative — Alberta Taipava. Ms. Svyatskaya asks tribunal to protect his honor and dignity and to make non-pecuniary damage — recover from the defendant 60 million rubles.
The lawsuit was an article in the magazine Yuri Sivakov Association "Honor" — "Journal of special purpose." Gen. huge prints an excerpt from the "Code of Honor officer, written by Adolf Hitler." Sovereign Sivakou wrote that this code will be fascinating to many and many of the precepts worth thinking about.

In the publication there are these lines: "Love to the Führer, the people and the country are most important. Because true officer should separate themselves from those who stand on the side of the German way and struggle."
By V.Svyatskoy like Hitler expression applied moral harm to her as a citizen of the country-partisan. She claims in the lawsuit that said Hitler prepared a code of honor during an attack on the area of Belarus and other republics Russian Union. Text prepared for officers who have killed people of Belarus.
As thesmiling in a suit, "same general Sivakou offers to use" Code of Honor "Nazi officer in activities acquainting him officers Interior Ministry."
By V.Svyatskoy during the current conversation representative of the defendant conveyed the apologies from General Sivakova, but Ms. Svyatskaya believes that it will make out tribunal.
Svyatskaya: "Now I was brought to the public apology in court on behalf of General Sivakova for what I Actually was offended, and thank God that it is the sovereign Sivakou comprehended. "

The defendant’s representative drew attention to the fact that Ms. Svyatskaya launched a massive media campaign. Allegedly, many people do not read the articles, but began to read some annoying word in the address sovereign Sivakova.
Svyatskaya: "Yes, sire Kozlowski, former defense minister, said here and there that he would face the sovereign Sivakou for these expressions. And such makarom, Sovereign Sivakou thinks I launched this campaign very hard against him, which also affects his honor and dignity. He wants to charge me a counterclaim for defamation and the pros, if I did not ask him for forgiveness … I did not hurt anywhere as a person, as I believe that the tribunal must deliver on all points. "
Representative of the defendant Albert Tayyip refused comment:
Tayyip: "Our comments will be March 20, will be hearings, and then everything will be clear. His view for we have already previously expressed. The Tribunal accepts the decision, as those caused by or other reasons. As the tribunal decides, so be it. "

Yuri Sivakov Born August 5, 1946 in Sakhalin (Our Fatherland). Professional soldier. After Lukashenko’s victory in the elections in 1994 in different years served as Minister Interior, deputy head of the presidential administration, the Minister of Sport. In September 2004 The European Union decided to ban the issuance of visas to the highest number of municipal officials Belarus suspected of belonging to the disappearances of opposition politicians, including Yuri Sivakov.

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