Zenon crush guarantee the order during the privatization of state property

On the ability of the corporatization and verbovaniya investment in 2007 a number of large companies announced by Prime Minister Sergei Sidorsky.
That’s what the request "Liberty" said the emperor crush:
"As for privatization. If some places will allowed differences to current legislation, of course, we immediately in this case vmyashaemsya and restore order. I guarantee it. Since we are all these things, these questions very aggressive track. And the Constitution Article 129 part 8 asks one of the activity of the State Control Committee monitoring the implementation of municipal property. Because as for control, it is completely within our control. And if there is a violation, of course, immediately we are. "
March 1 Zenon crush was a regular participant in the telephone band Minsk City Executive Committee.
In an interview Radio Liberty bureaucrat said that during the three-hour conversation with Minsk dwellers already received several alarms on the actions of management companies and organizations of different forms of ownership. By Lomat, all of these signals take on tight control and Anyway conduct a detailed investigation.

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