Zwukopis history Rock Coronation

Another theater, January 12, 1995
Rock Crown — Shop Album — "Dream in the tram" — New Heaven tradition and modernity — Palace debut — Why Not
Part 1, February 19

Another theater January 19, 1996
Rock Crown — Rouble Zone Album — «Put Your Money … Now! »- Rouble Zone tradition and modernity — Palace Debut — Phenomenon Showman — Oleg" Jagger "Minakov (lead singer Rouble Zone) Best lyrics -" Goodbye "- N. RM For loyalty genre — Shop Rock Princess — Kasia Kamotskaya
Part 2, February 20

Concert hall "October" January 23 1997
Rock Crown — Lapis Troubetzkoy Album — "rennet heart" — Lapis Trubetsekoy Tradition and Modernity — Palace debut — The Stokes Song — "Guerrilla" — NR M. Lyrics — Lapis Troubetzkoy For the best interpretation of a smash hit — Neuro Dubel ("Hello , cute alien ")
Concert hall "Moscow" January 29, 1998
Rock Crown — N. RM Album — "The People’s album" Tradition and Modernity — KRIWI Debut — Thank You Jesus Song — "I Know Love" — New Jerusalem and "Dance" — PANI HIDA Lyrics — Michal Anempadystav ("People’s Album ") Event of the Year — album release" PesnyaRok "video -" Tears in the Pines "- PANI HIDA Rock Princess — Christina Mendeleev (Hasta La Fillista)
Part 3, February 21

Concert hall "Minsk" January 29, 1999
Rock Crown — Neuro Dubel Album — "the hunter and antelope" — Neuro Dubel Tradition and Modernity — Trinity Debut — Happy Face Song — "I’ll wait" — Alexey Shed’ko Rock Princess — Veronica Kruglov (KRIWI) Clip — "the hunter and antelope "- Neuro Dubel Lyrics — Alex Shed’ko Music — Pete Pavlov (N. RM, KRIWI)
Concert hall "Minsk" January 29, 2000
Rock Crown — KRIWI Album — "The villi and pellets" — Neuro Dubel Tradition and Modernity — Shop Debut — TT-34, Exist Song — "Hot Air Balloon» — NRM Rock Princess — Veronica Kruglov (vocalist KRIWI) Clip — In the fog — KRIWI Lyrics — Alex Shed’ko Project — Holy night Music — Sergei Trukhanovich
Concert hall "Minsk" January 26, 2001
Rock Crown — NRM Album — "Three turtles» — NRM Tradition and Modernity — UR `IA Debut — No Ticket Song -" Three turtles »- NRM Rock Princess — not awarded Clip — Anatoly Evening" spotless, bright »(NRM) texts — NRM Event — "I was born here," age group — "Pesnyary" Vladimir Mulyavin Music — Lavon Wolski (NRM)
Concert hall "Minsk", February 24, 2002
Rock Crown — A.Susha (producer, "I was born here") Album — "Hide In Bulba" — Shop Tradition and Modernity — Zm.Vaytsyushkevich Debut — Impett Song — without a ticket, "My Country — Belarus!" Rock Princess — Dana (Impett) Clip — Palace — "in Turkish Fields" Website of the Year — Love-And-Sport Lyrics — L.Dranko-Maisyuk Music — Zm.Vaytsyushkevich For contribution to the development of the Belarusian culture — Constellation
Part 4, February 22

Concert hall "Minsk", May 2003.
Dedicated to the memory U.R.Mulyavina.
Group of the Year — Krambambulya Album of the Year — Krambambulya Song of the Year — Absinthe (Krambambulya) Tradition and Modernity — Stary Olsa Producer of the Year — R.Makarav ("Personal Depeche») A.Haladinski A.Starpovich Event of the Year — the opening of the 1st Musical Discovery of the Year — pupae Spetspryzy: Web Site of the Year — sound producer — G.Syrakvash Regional Executive — Rasta
Eliminated the category "Rock Princess", "Lyrics", "Music of the Year". Main crown L.Volsky handed offspring U.R.Mulyavina Valery and Vladimir.
Concert hall "Minsk", 28 February 2006
Audience Award — Flyaus and Klein Another band of the year — TT-34 Blues-rock singer — Shop Folk Artist — Ivan Kirchuk Project of the Year — "Premier Dozen" Artist of the Year — Lavon Volsky Singer of the Year (Rock Princess) — Rusya (Indiga) Debut of the Year — Tav.Mauzer Clip Year — Tourists (Krambambulya) Song of the Year — "Belakrylyya angel" (ZET) Album of the Year — "Tanki" (Neuro Dubel) Band of the Year — J_Mors.
For their dedication to the ideals of rock — club "Graffiti". For the best publication of Belarusian rock music — Victor Dyatlikovich. "Their Mroya. Their NRM" Festival year — "Rock-Cola" Polotsk
Part 5, Feb. 23

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