10 years old newspaper Slonim

April 24 1997 came first room refreshed "Newspapers Slonim." The newspaper with the same title, but in Polish, was based on sale in December 1938, the Belarusian poet Sergei Novik-fables and his wife Lyudmila. But soon edition was liquidated by the Polish authorities for political reasons. 58 years later a newspaper journalist Victor returned Volodoschuk:
"We decided to take this heritage, the name-brand and such makarom she began to emerge. First issue of the newspaper was quite narrow, with a small print run of three thousand. Over 10 years was everything a little newspaper tavstsela, increased circulation. And had difficulties with the staff and with the room, and re-registration. "
At the moment, "Slonim newspaper" goes to 40 pages, circulation from 7 to 8 thousand copies and distributed in Slonim, Dzyatlava, Zel’venskii, Mosty and Volkovisskij areas Grodno region. Like many other non-government publications, "Slonim newspaper" do not distribute "Belpochta" and "Belsoyuzpechat." Revision made its distribution system. Victor Volodoschuk states that the future of the newspaper is completely untrue:
"Currently there is no talk about the prospects, build any business plans very hard. And count for something. We often talk with employees on These themes. Thank God that newspapers are — and it’s excellent. "
Chief Editor of "Newspapers Slonim" states that 10-year anniversary team to score, but not now, and very shy.
Number of regional-independent political media in Belarus is reduced every year. Society member states of regional press development of the Belarusian Association of Journalists, the chief editor of the newspaper Baranovichy «Intex-press» Vladimir Yanukevich:
"If we existed Development Fund regional press, in this our fund included 24 publications. And now, when we made the society has only 14 of those who actually entered. Others probably scared to enter. Since we declare Prof. approach to work . This be impartial, is independent, in-depth information. "

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