A.Belosnezhny: I believe that thanks to Belarus will be accompanied by heart

Karatkevich Ales, the reason for our conversation — so romantic your suggestions to Belarus has experienced a day D. — day … Thanks
Pure white: This idea came to me here and there a year earlier, after I met with the ideas and wrote a line that roamed the Web and not so long ago, "Nasha Niva" had found in his own editorial mail, published on the website. In time the same "Nasha Niva" announced a couple of times "Those Days without the other’s word" — so very generous share. Belarusian-patriots in this day were called read only in Belarusian. Apparently, many in childhood often played such games — negotiated with friends read only in Belarusian. I also had such episodes.
Necessary to conduct so that there was a need in the votes
Since the percentage of people who, say, can benefit from intensive Belarusian language, and not such large, the effect of such actions is small. Yes, already at this point I have mentioned days are not held. I have thought for another look at this need — the need for a "thank you."
It’s about a sense of gratitude and the need to thank, thank the people who made at least a little good. By word, gesture, smile encourage to show gratitude. Need a positive attitude toward gratitude. Over the past 10 years people have become more patient to treat each other. This is such a wave — when a wave of collective gesture that has outcome. As mental tsunami. Necessary to conduct public relations — with stickers, badges, so the kids just possible find more situations, so often say "thank you." And accordingly behave so that was a reason to say thank you.
Karatkevich: Do you think the high culture of gratitude in Belarus?
Pure white: I have a feeling that you need to change the situation for the best. I am skeptical about the myth that Belarusians are grateful and tolerant people. Traditional mental type that was imposed as a collective farm land farmer impervious open expression of ideas especially in aggressive environments — alien city manor. Vestige of an aggressive case to the foreign environment and hitherto felt. D. Because day could somehow zlepshyts situation. And besides expand usage of the Belarusian language, because of such basic research begins moments and foreign language, and a private forgotten.
Was imposed on us the image of the collective farm peasant serf
If it was enough people that would give an example of positive behavior and courteous with all this is accompanied by Belarusian words, would increase the prestige of the whiteRussian language.
Karatkevich: Alexander, you have four children. How do you adapt to their beloruschinu?
Pure white: Family» I have mixed. I have a Russian wife, although it relates positively to my efforts. Another thing is that from time to time I do not have time to be with the children often. We talk with the senior practice only in Belarusian. Younger least a Belarusian. A medium — the boy and the girl — just in the center.
If we talk about the core, so it’s — the church. The smallest drive in the church of Pentecostal "Grace and senior adult, he’s 19 years old, he sang in church choirs golden hill about 9 years. This great support, so the kids did not think that the father of a Var» Yat and states in an incomprehensible language.
Change combination "snowy Rus" will not solve cultural problems
Karatkevich: In the midst of the rest of you from afar a book about the evolution of the name "Snow White Rus". Cost Belarusians complexes because such names?
Pure white: I do not kampleksuyu. This title has earned a long history, and all these ideas about what the title means automatic drugaradnasts dependence — I did not close. I know that this title product Latin civilization that is, say, laboratory product humanitarian Laboratory West, and after enough was artificially introduced. In general, the word has Rus northern origin.
It seems to me that the complexes could of other circumstances. For example, it lacks a sense of gratitude. And other social evils. But not here. Title can be criticized, it is possible to offer sub-ethnic names, but SUR» seriously state that it will solve our cultural problem — is not necessary.
Karatkevich: I do not know whether it is true, I will quote one of your expressions that you collect facts?
Pure white: I collect images …
Karatkevich: Which one of the most fascinating in your collection?
Pure white: I am entertaining the canonical image of Belarusian who is endowed with features mythological creatures. In the near future I pursue culinary images. The last article, I graduated to "Nasha Niva" graduated — about cod. I for some reason the image of cod haunts. Incidentally, Brodsky has a poem "Lullaby Gadidae face." That cod as the quintessence of Western culture …
Karatkevich: When I read the article, which is correlated with the mentality of products and write about basil or cod in the Belarusian cuisine, come, and even hard to find.
Pure white: As for this fish, it was not rare. Belarusian market, if ever read about the fish, it is poor. But you can find cod :) My beloved bird in cooking — goose — even harder to find. She’s in the history of Belarusian cuisine is more vserasprostranena.
Karatkevich: Waves of Freedom is the transmission of "What I believe." What do you believe?
Pure white: I believe that this day will once D. svyatkvats in Belarus. One of the probable date could be May 9, when this day we should feel and be grateful to those who helped us from defeat. But the celebration specifically on May 9 could assist get rid of Russian militarism, which today loaded. I also believe that someday the word "thank you" will sound much more often in Belarus. And it would be fair, accompanied by heart.

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