A.Belyatsky — Vice President of the International Federation of Human Rights

Ales Bialiatski was one of the vice-presidents of the International Federation of Human Rights — the first in the post-Soviet space:
"The fact that I was elected vice-president, says this about the enthusiasm of the international community and some anxiety for what is happening here. They such makarom recognize that the abnormal situation in Belarus.
We are happy with what happened, because the problem with human rights in Belarus can be put on quite the highest level and do it more actively than we previously released.
Indeed, the very International Federation for Human Rights has a fairly international instruments to raise human rights issues at the international level. "
International Federation of Human Rights has offices in Geneva, the UN, the Council of Europe Consulate and established contacts with the OSCE.
During the conference in Lisbon adopted a resolution on the human rights situation in post-Soviet countries. Much attention is paid to Belarus there.
"In addition, we took quite a lively debate during the discussion on the application of international jurisdiction to different countries of the world. In including addressed the issue of how this tool can be applied to Belarus to Missing in Belarus.
I think that these abilities Belarusian human rights activists will have — and will be able to use them a lot more. And then almost everything depends not only from the international community, which gives us the tools, and how much of our activity. "
Ales Bialiatski said, that at the moment responsibilities he will be more. But he believes that this will not weaken its activities particularly in Belarus.
"Naturally, I will try to connect it. Circle obligations now I increases because something will have to sacrifice. But on the other hand, I think, will such a high-quality compensation. Will be able to sufficiently high levels to raise the issue of Belarus — there where previously we did not have such ability. "
Ales Bialiatski symbolic believes that the conference took place in Lisbon in another anniversary of the Portuguese Carnation Revolution that overthrew the dictatorial regime and began Salyazara democratic change.

Human Rights Center "Spring", which is a favorite of Ales Bialiatski, became a member of the International Federation for Human Rights in 2004. It came after, Belarusian authorities deprived the "Spring" registration for monitoring during the 2001 presidential election.

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