A blood test for HIV

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A blood test for HIV (AIDS, antibodies to HIV) — detection of antibodies occurring in the body in response to infection with the human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). 

When blood tests that the result is reliable?

The standard assay (ELISA) is recommended in 1.5-3 months after exposure, when they begin to detect antibodies to HIV in the blood of an infected person. PCR analysis showing the presence of virus 2-3 weeks after infection.

In some cases, prescribe a blood test for HIV?

A blood test for HIV infection recommend donate at:

  • planning a pregnancy;
  • preoperative and hospitalization;
  • unclear cause dramatic weight loss;
  • Casual sex;
  • unsterilized needles for injection.  

What you need to take a blood test for HIV?

Blood test HIV infection is necessary in order to get rid of anxiety and fear, to protect themselves and their loved ones, early treatment.

What methods are used to diagnose a blood test for HIV?

ELISA detects antibodies against HIV. If they do, then, is HIV-positive. PCR (polymerase chain reaction) detects the virus in the body, the most reliable method.

How are the results of blood tests for HIV infection using PCR?

The result of the analysis is called positive (virus is detected), negative (no virus) or doubtful (markers of the virus is, but not all, of the result can not be considered positive).

Where can I get a blood test for HIV?

HIV blood test can be done in any hospital. In the analysis of the AIDS centers do for free and anonymously, regardless of location.

How to prepare for the study?

A blood test is desirable to take on an empty stomach (between the last meal and taking a blood sample should be at least 8 hours).

How does the blood tests for HIV infection?

Blood sample taken in the treatment room with a sterile syringe from the cubital vein, about 5 ml.

How to get a test result blood for HIV?

The result of the survey reported a doctor in person, and this information is strictly confidential. If the analysis was anonymously delivered at the Center for AIDS, the answer may be obtained by calling the number you will be informed at the time of blood collection.

When the results are ready blood test for HIV?

Terms of waiting for the results of two to ten days.

Where to go with the results of the blood test for HIV?

Negative analysis does not require specialist advice. When a person receives a positive blood test result for HIV infection, the doctor usually recommends him to apply to the AIDS center.

Is there a cure for HIV-positive people?

For citizens of the Russian treatment free of charge and appointed physician at the Center for Prevention and Control of AIDS.

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