A.Iskandar» yang: We — not Switzerland, but, sorry, not Belarus

The Republican Party, led by Prime Minister Serzh Sarkisian, won a third of the votes. Second place was taken by "Prosperous Armenia" — 15% of the vote, which is also supported by the government. On the 3rd place with 13% of the vote was "Dashnaktsutyun" party, which also comes in a coalition government. Able to overcome the five percent barrier and two opposition parties — the "Rule of Law" — 7% and "Inheritance" — 6%.
In voting assumed the role of 60% of voters for seats in parliament fought 22 parties and one bloc. Deputies on the 90 seats elected by party lists Armenia, 41 — majoritarian system.
The opposition accuses the authorities in padkidanni ballots in the ballot boxes and vote-buying. According to the opposition, in almost all polling surroundings were beatings trustees of opposition candidates and journalists.
As these violations if they were influenced by the results of the vote? On this question meets Armenian political scientist Alex Iskandar» yang:
"Armenia has a political tradition whereby those who lost the elections generally do not recognize the results. Voting irregularities were obviously, and they are marked in the results of OSCE observation, but I think, that they are unlikely to significantly affect the outcome of elections, they occurred partly from nearganizavanastsi.
Obviously, the results impacted the administrative resource, bribery of voters by the parties representing the business structure. But this is strictly speaking — not the election procedure, it is a political process that in transition countries are not like in the classical democracy. "
OSCE observers noted significant progress compared to last 2003 parliamentary elections, which were considered irrelevant to the principles of democracy. Today’s elections, OSCE observers regarded as "generally appropriate international democratic standards."
What is important for Armenia is the definition of the OSCE election — "generally consistent"? Alex says Iskandar» yang:
"The phrase" generally corresponds to "- the second gradation, which give the OSCE observers. Yet there is an evaluation -" matches "and" does not match. "Wording" matches "post-Soviet countries rarely punished. Clear that we are not Switzerland and The Netherlands, but On the other hand it is clear that we will not and Azerbaijan, sorry, not Belarus and our homeland. This wording is "generally consistent" reflects the progress that the Armenian political system made from 2003. "

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