A.Kalita: Authorities fear the student activity

Says one of the applicants, the favorite "BPF Youth" Ales Kalita:
"I Haretski and Nikita Krasnov now went to Minsk city executive committee. Division ideology gave us the answer in what was indicated that due to renovations gardening equipment, cleaning of the area on May 20 we were not allowed to hold a rally.
We believe these grounds completely imaginary and baseless. Power was so scared of student activity that simply panic Prevents any attempt to mobilize. "
Tomorrow at a press conference youth favorites make proposals follow. The organizing committee of the rally included representatives of youth organizations — "Junior Front"" BPF Youth "Association of Belarusian students, youth commission Helsinki Committee," Free Youth ", the Belarusian Association of young politicians," plainclothes offline "and" Youth Christian Social Union — young Democrats. "
Authorities do not allow protest cancellation of privileges

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