A.Kozulin requests to open criminal cases on Lukashenko

Ex-presidential candidate requests that the Attorney General of Belarus Piotr Miklashevich started criminal cases Alexander Lukashenko.
Appropriate statements sent on behalf of Alexander Kozulin his public defender of Igor Rinkevich, who recently met with political prisoners in the colony "Vitsba-3."
What, according to Alexander Kozulin, the prosecution should suspect Alexander Lukashenko?
First the consequences of referendums in 1996 and 2004 that Alexander Kozulin said the seizure of power. Then there was dissolved the Supreme Council and two years pushed the presidential election, and after the referendum 2004 Alexander Lukashenko got a chance to run for president in the third times.
Alexander Kozulin also offers likely to see the role of Alexander Lukashenko in the kidnapping of opposition Zakharenko, Viktor Gonchar and Anatoly Krasovsky.
The last presidential candidate sees the actions Lukashenko "preservation illegal government that had the consequence destruction of people," said Igor Rinkevich.
With all this patron noted that Alexander Kozulin aware fuss own attempts:
"This is an indicator of its civilian positions. Recently the consideration of appeals against sentence Kazulin Supreme Court it shows the principles which are not engaged in trade. Also again shows the relation to the legitimacy of Lukashenko, and that he does not expect relief from the Supreme Court decision. "
Recall first April Alexander Kozulin lawyers filed in the Supreme Tribunal of Belarus against the sentence, which made Metropolitan of Minsk and the District Tribunal upheld the tribunal urban configuration.
Supreme Tribunal must see these complaints no later than early May. Patron remembers that this is the last attempt to challenge the verdict Alexander Kozulin, whereby he signed for 5 and a half years.
Next defenders going to appeal to international courts.
On the days of the colony "Vitsba-3" to visit Alexander Kozulin, head lawyer.
Igor Rynkevich that more than a year has provided legal services policy, last week was dismissed from the Bar on their own. Igor Rynkevich explains this step pressure on him for political reasons, and says that’s going to continue to protect the sovereign Kozulin as a citizen.

Ex-presidential candidate Alexander Kozulin is in the bullpen last year with days of Will, when he headed a protest march to the bullpen, where he was kept political prisoners. Arrest and conviction explains Alexander Kozulin revenge him for criticizing Alexander Lukashenko during the election campaign.

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