A.Mihnik encourages open all archives special services commissioning times

In a special appeal Michnik emphasizes that he has always been are opposed to "dig in materials special services" because, in his opinion, "the exposure of the 1st former agent often brings resentment huge amount of decent people."
But at the moment when, according to Michnik, the authorities use secret service documents "to fight against opponents," the only way out — it is a complete opening of the archives.
Proposal Editor "Wyborcza" supports most of the political forces — both opposition and the ruling coalition.
"All files must be open. Needs only to survive this hell and finish in the end this lustration" — said Deputy Prime Minister Andrzej Leper.
This idea, although with small amendments also support post-communists.
"All the materials you need to pass the security services in the municipal archives, so that they can teach blyo like any other archival materials," — said the favorite of the Union of the Democratic Left Wojciech Aleynichak.
After last week The Constitutional Tribunal ruled that the new "lustration law" part is not compatible with the Constitution. In such a situation Polish President Lech Kaczynski said that "this is not the end of the lustration" and authorities can also go to the opening of the archives of the communist secret services.

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