A. Milinkevich: I do not see circumstances to distract Congress

Launching a campaign representatives of Gomel and Minsk regions. Their conference will be held as early as next weekend — likely, April 29.
Acting chairman of the Belarusian Social Democratic Party "Gromada" Anatoly Lewkowicz says that specifically on regional mini congresses relevant to determine the most difficult issues for the opposition:
"Do you elect the chairman? And when deciding what to choose, then there is the second question: where — in Congress or in the political council?
I, for example, follower order to elect the chairman of the political council on. Then ethe man takes responsibility. And if the responsibility and in a certain sense — favorite functions.
He will be responsible to the Congress delegates. But Congress is going very occasionally. And this is approximately the same as Alexander Lukashenko says: I to no one’s responsibility, not counting Belarusian people. Very much a multifaceted subject goes.
And if you’re still abiraessya Political Council and friends, and then you’re in front of them was responsible. Who will take over the function of responsibility, he will be the chairman. And if you will not turn out, you will change the Political Council on the other. "
Solutions of mandatory regional conferences will be the favorites for the central structures.
But could it be that the regions will vote against the new national Congress? Member of the Political Council Anatoly Lebedko itself does not see the problem:
"I have this rule, as in the regions had no difficulty — Congress spending or not spending? For example, we conducted a survey of participants of the preceding Congress. And more than 80% of those who sent the questionnaire were in favor of Congress to spend. to even be considered as Congress was acting highest body presentable. "
National Congress scheduled May 26-27. Head of the Political Council of Alexander Milinkevich believes that this term applies to regions:
"I now see no circumstances to distract Congress. Congress has become the main objective of the united opposition. And it needs to spend, not to stop the functioning of the opposition."
Milinkevich states that soon united democratic forces moved forward:
"The problem for me only one that present day is such a match, drag rope — who sits as who on that will affect that structure will be in a coalition. To be honest, no one now can tell, whether it will be effective.
It the most important thing question as a result of all permutations, congresses, we can organize activities in the country. "

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