A.Milinkevich: in a country where there is no democracy, build a nuclear plant is unrealistic

Visiting now Mogilev, Alexander Milinkevich spoke against the intentions of the authorities to build a nuclear power station:
"When people ask me:" Milinkevich you against or for the construction of nuclear power plants? "So I say," As a physicist know that the world is better technology. In the Land of the Rising Sun, and France other statess nuclear power plants almost completely harmless. "
But in today’s Belarus, says Alexander Milinkevich — its specificity:
"In a country where there is no democracy, build nuclear power plants completely unrealistic. At these stations in dictatorial countries is always an opportunity to begin to create a weapon. I do not know about such intentions, but I think that without democracy in the West Belarusian society under any circumstances should not allow NPP construction in Belarus. "
Arguing on the activities of a democratic society in the areas affected by Chernobyl, Alexander Milinkevich says:
"First pay attention on dosimeters. They must be not only, as at present, in some places of the whole area. In each village they need to have a few. So that people can check out what to grow and raise your own backyard. It is natural — and you can do. Not so hard. Second — this medication. Third — healthy kids. "
About the Visit affected areas Alexander Milinkevich going to read "Charnobyl Way" on April 26. Together with the fact it confirms that refuses to lead a march to the square Bangalore
"I’ve certainly come to the gathering place, will participate. What to Bangalore, then the simplicity say the soul is not more to go to Bangalore. Know, I would have little to politicize the prazdnichek. More need to read about the problems of people who touched this grief. In reality, so many problems that we have to help them along. And attention given not only a day on April 26. "
And now another statement voiced Alexander Milinkevich. He would refrain from traveling to Brussels on April 27 yearly meeting political leaders of Europe:
"Unfortunately, I refused to go, so there is already a decision to hold the Congress of Democratic Forces and regional conferences. I prefer a regional conference on which should to be. "
Subsequent online — with the chairman of the organizing committee "Chernobyl Way" Ivan Nikitchenko

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