A.Milinkevich speak at the Congress, but in advancing the co-chairs will not

Milinkevich vyznat gratification that the Minsk city authorities permitted a Congress at the Palace of Culture of Minsk Automobile Plant:
"In Congress, I will participate. And express my view the situation without fail.
But I think this is a big step backwards, when the Congress will not be elected chairman of the Political Council. I always read it very principle to demonstrate our unity. And the impact on society. If we are fighting a round table with the dictatorship, the society is really unclear. And I will not nominate his candidacy in the co-chairs. But will participate in the Congress. "
Release of political prisoners, support repressed youth, outplacement for political reasons, an explanation Situation in BelarusThese themes remained and now, during the second day of the visit to England, the main meetings in London. Alexander Milinkevich had talks with representatives of another 2- political parties England — the Conservatives and the Liberal Democrats.
"Very exciting" called the sovereign Milinkevich meeting at the Institute of Oriental research and Slavic Studies:
"There were a lot of students and teachers involved in the field of Central and Eastern Europe. Were people coming from Belarus. Obsolete quite a long conversation, a typical round table discussion on the situation in our country . "
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Last visit to England Milinkevich

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