A.Nadson: Easter — the act of renewal of all creation in God

What Easter means to us
"Radio" Liberty "in the midst of students conducted a survey on the topic" What do you first Easter means. "Listener invited to vote for one of the following possible answers:" fasting and prayer, spiritual prazdnichek "," opportunity to forgive and ask for forgiveness "," painted eggs and bread "and" I do not celebrate. "Discarding the last answer those (and them, unfortunately, proved to be quite a large percentage), for whom this prazdnichek does not matter, seeing three first.
In the first case it is necessary to say that every religious prazdnichek is spiritual, and the post and everyday (and not only on prazdnichek) prayer are necessary prerequisites for spiritual growth of the believer. When talking about "the opportunity to forgive and ask for forgiveness," then we neuzh in daily prayer, taught us that the Lord Jesus Christ, do not say, "And forgive us our debts, as we forgive our debtors"?
So makarom, for Easter, according to a survey of "Freedom" remain relevant "painted eggs and bread" … On Actually, This prapazytsyya received the most votes. Such are the conclusions of a sudden we are sometimes lead public opinion polls.
Then that still means to us Easter? St. John Damascene starts own Easter hymn followed by the words "resurrection day! Prasvetlimsya people: the Lord’s Passover, Easter! For behold from death to life and from earth to heaven Christ God raised us sing a song of victory. "
Easter — a Hebrew word which means going to the unfreedom yagipetskay promised land under the control of Moses. For us it zopoluchilo greater, more profound meaning: a way out of the death of slavery under the control of God who became man to make us partakers of His own divine life. Easter — is an act of renewal of all creation in God.
Certainly, this act did not come easy updates. His anguish and Phillips ahead destruction of our Savior. And since "no more student teacher", then we can not avoid problems in this life. But even in the most difficult Minutka we should not leave the confidence of our final goal.
The hero of Vasily Bykov "third rocket", only in a small Belarusian multinational military unit, remembering his homeland further reasoned: "And in this little calculation, I always carry within themselves restrained, taciturn honor that I — Belarusian. I’m not offended when saying not what the Russian word, hear from Zadorozhnogo offensive "trapka" — albeit not say as perfect as he is, but I’ve got a price, and he seems to be willing or can not hurt me. "
Something similar but far broader context of our divine calling, meet in St. Paul: "Neither death nor life, neither angels nor demons, neither the authorities nor powers … nor any other creature, shall be able to separate us from the love of God, that in Christ Jesus our Lord "(Romans 8:38-39). This is the essence of light and cheerful prazdnichka Easter.
Easter 2007, Fr. Alexander Knudson "

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